Game blocker app. Tips to protect kids online.


Game blocker app

An online game is a video game played on a computer, tablet, phone, or other devices with an Internet connection. These are usually available as apps in the Google Play Store or websites. Very few kids know about online games, but they install and play them. Most kids get ideas about online games from various ads and videos. These ads or videos show various interesting things to attract children to those online games. As a result, children immediately like those things and click on them or go to the link shown before. Although these online games give instant love and temporary pleasure, they also bring some harmful aspects to your child. For example, addiction to it, waste of time, obsession, aggression, etc. Here are some tips you can follow to save your child from these harmful effects.

Choose the most effective approach

You can use such applications as Game Blocker, and App blocker to make a different schedule for locking up your phone after a period of time. Avosmart is an application consisting of Screen Time, App Blocker Android, and Game Blocker apps. These apps work towards the goal of how to convey and present the healthy aspects of technology and knowledge to your children in a beautiful way. The most important aspect is that Game Blocker helps to block different types of programs, windows in android.

How Avosmart will help you?

Avosmart lets you see how much time your child spends on their device. It lets you monitor their activities. Avosmart also lets you decide what kind of games and applications will run on your kid's devices and how long they will run each day. As a result, you can pre-set something that your kids like best on their device. Then your child will just accept the good, not the bad. Kids should not use their devices before going to sleep. It is why it is so important for you to set a good schedule and plan for them. It also acts as a game blocker for a variety of games and programs. Considering the health issues with technology and knowledge, it helps you to schedule time as well as give different types of activities and make different kinds of changes. Game blocker app

Keep an eye on what kind of videos and websites your kids are watching and visiting

Regularly monitor what kind of videos your child is watching and what kind of websites he or she is visiting. Because your child should not be misled by watching a bad video and visiting a bad website. Make sure that your child only watches videos and visits child-friendly websites.

Block harmful apps on Android

Kids usually run more Android smartphones than computers. Usually, after watching any ads or videos, children unknowingly install various kinds of harmful apps on their android smartphones through the Play Store. As a result, they later face various losses through these apps. So, parents should check their children's Android smartphones regularly. If you find such an app, then immediately go to the settings of the android smartphone and block those apps.

Block harmful games

If you think your child is playing a harmful game or is addicted to it, then you must consider blocking the game, after having a talk about it. Because if you uninstall, they may re-install and play the game. But if blocked, they will not be able to find the game. Making them realize that it is genuinely not good will make them lose interest in it.

What amount of time kids are using the phone or computer?

Keeping a track of how long your child has been screening on the phone or computer and how long he or she uses it is a wise option. Because screening and using for a long time can have a very bad effect on your child, such as headaches, red eyes, insomnia, irritable mood, etc. So, reduce your child's screening and using time. Run to their various social and educational activities and sports without spending too much time on the phone or computer. Give your child enough time. Within a few days, you will notice that your child's phone or computer usage has decreased.

Driving kids towards real-life activities

Concentrate your child on a variety of social activities such as reciting poems, drawing pictures, singing songs, telling stories, etc. Also focus on sports such as jogging, cycling, football, cricket, and participating in various school sports competitions, etc. By doing this, their body health will be good and their mind will be cheerful.

Give your kids time and mingle with them

Give your child plenty of time to keep from being too busy with their own work all the time. Mix with them and talk. If you have time, go for a walk with them in the afternoon. If possible, go out with them on the weekends. Cherish them, give them love. All these things will make the child indulged in life more than phones.

Are all online games or online activities harmful for your kids?

While some online games and online activities are harmful to children, there are some online games and online activities that are not harmful to children but well. There are some online games, videos and online activities that are educational for children and conduct activities for their good such as –
  • Increasing knowledge.
  • Improving their skills.
  • Developing their intellect.
  • Learning computer skills.
  • Helping in their academics
In fact, there are both good and bad sides to a thing. We should avoid bad things and take only the good things that are useful for our kids. As a parent, you need to keep a watchful eye on your child so that he or she does not involve in harmful things and looks forward to constructive things.