How Online Pornography Harms Children and Teens?

How Online Pornography Harms Children and Teens

There has been a steep incline in the increase of Internet usage among children and teens in recent times. Honestly, it is not the best thing that has happened if we face the fact that the Internet is not safe for young children and teenagers.

There is also an increase in the concern about the easy access to content that is not suitable for children, such as online pornography. According to studies, there has also been an increase in the number of children exposed to pornography on the Internet. Let's not forget the amount of psychological and physical risks that come with it.How Online Pornography Harms Kids and Teens

Some Alarming Facts. How Online Pornography Harms Children and Teens?

  • By the tender age of 14-15, 66% of children have already seen online pornography sometime in their life
  • 90% of boys are exposed to porn during their adolescence
  • 60% of girls are exposed to porn during their adolescence
  • According to studies, the average age of pornographic exposure on the Internet is 11
  • There are some cases where kids as young as five years old view pornographic content through a device
  • Pornographic exposure during such young ages leads to an increase in anxiety, addicts children to it, increases sexual exploitation and aggression
  • 75% of parents believe that children have not seen pornographic content at all, but the truth is that 60% of the children have already seen online pornography of some sort

Apart from these facts, there is a lot of concern about the impact of watching porn on close relations in the future. It is because what we view as pornography is farther away from reality. What we view is not safe in general, and it does not show healthy sexual relations. Unlike parents, today's children live in a digital era with easy access to mobile phones and the Internet.

Furthermore, they also spend a considerable chunk of their time attending their classes online. Thus, parents must ensure safety and take necessary steps to prevent such things from happening..

The matter at hand

Although the fear lurks beneath everything, it still exists in the minds of parents. And, the main question is, 'how to talk to the kids about it?' Many parents feel uncomfortable while talking to their children about such topics. But, we need to understand the reality of what their children see online, even if it is unintentional.

A majority of children are exposed to pornographic videos or images, without searching for them. They somehow land on such things while jumping from one link to another. Or, they stumble upon it.

Although 60% of children have seen pornographic content, many parents believe that it is just the boys who are at risk, but the statistics are for both boys and girls.

Exposure happens without parental awareness. Many parents deny the fact that it is possible that their child may at least stumble upon pornographic content, if not anything else. On the other hand, kids tell a different story, and when parents finally get to know about it, it becomes very shocking for them.

Although avoiding the topic looks like a comfortable option for both parties, it is crucial to realize its severity. Thus, parents can take some vital steps to address the issue to their kids and prevent things from happening.

Some steps the parents can take to make things better.

Talk and let children know what pornography is without them searching for the meaning out of curiosity: You need to be clear with them while telling them about it. Tell them in detail what refers to pornographic content, the images, the videos, the websites, and why it is not suitable for them.

Ensure that your kids know that they can come and discuss anything with you: You also need to tell them that it is normal to have sexual curiosities, but pornography is not the way to seek an answer. Instead, they should come to you and ask about it. Not only will it prevent them from seeking answers the wrong way, but it will also strengthen your bond with them and increase their comfort and trust.

Explain to them what you expect from them and let them know about the policies of accessing pornography: You have to tell them that this is the age where they should be studying, playing sports, and focusing on themselves. It should also involve telling them why children under 18 should not view pornographic content.

Get parental control software as a safety backup option: It is the best thing to do. Getting parental control software will ensure that your children cannot access such content. One such software is Avosmart.

What are the functions of Avosmart?

Avosmart lets you do a wide variety of things, out of which a few of the main is:

Website content: You can filter and block pornographic sites and set a time limit on apps and anything that comes in the middle of your children's work