How to Avoid Eye Strain in Kids?


Most of our parents and grandparents used to tell us that sitting too close to the TV or spending too much time on screens has adverse effects. Some even used to say that we might go blind. That is not a fact, but there was a reason for them telling us all of it. For the last fifty years, there is a 50% increase in Myopia cases. It is when you can't see the objects that are away from you. According to a study, growth has a lot to do with people sitting close to screens and reading books closely.

Furthermore, another study says that there has been a significant increase in the screen-time of children under two years of age since 1997. To be precise, it has almost doubled. In 1997, the screen time was 1.32 hours on average, and it went on to be 3.05 hours in 2014. Eye strain can be a common condition for kids considering the amount of time they spend on screens. So, how can we avoid eye strain in kids? One way is by making use of Avosmart.

How to Avoid Eye Strain in Kids

What does Avosmart do, and how is it helpful?

Avosmart is one of the best parental control software, and it can directly help avoid eye strain problems in kids. With the help of Avosmart, parents can now set limits on screen times. All in all, it will help take care of the child's health. Here are some more things you can do with Avosmart:

Teaching your children about limits and boundaries is a highly essential life skill. Thus, always feel free to set appropriate boundaries. Furthermore, you should never forget to consult an ophthalmologist if your kid experiences eye strain or similar problems. So, the following are some other ways how you can avoid eye strain problems in kids.

Tips. how to Avoid Eye Strain in Kids?

20/20/20 rule: The American Optometric Association suggests it. According to it, children have to look away from screens for twenty minutes. And, concentrate on objects that are twenty feet away from them for twenty seconds.

Avoid glare: It can cause your eye to strain. Therefore, refrain from using mobiles or other devices in bright light.

Limit Screen Time: It will be of great help if you limit your children's screen time. Avosmart is the best tool for you in these cases.

Reduce Device Usage: Avoid using mobiles and other devices at certain times. For instance, when you’re in the washroom or when you are having a meal.

Restrict Usage: Children under the age of eighteen months should not be exposed to screens. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests it. Furthermore, for the children of that age, learning is more effective with interaction and creativity. And it will be useful to limit toddler's screen times to one hour at the most.

House Conditions: Use a cool-mist humidifier if the air of your home has dryness. It helps keep the mucus membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from feeling dry.

Priorities: It will be best if your children prioritize playing real-life games outside instead of spending time on screens. Furthermore, if they read the news, you should make them read it on paper instead of phones.

As a parent, you should ensure that digital media doesn't come in between your child's sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Spend a healthy time with your children to make them understand the health hazards of it. An essential tip is to keep the mobile screens at least 45-60 cm away from the eyes. Most children keep it unhealthily close to them, right under their nose.

What is eye strain (digital)?

It is a condition that arises when you use your eyes to watch things up-close too much. A few digital eye strain symptoms are burning sensation in the eyes, dry eyes, and blurry vision. It happens when your child focuses intensely and continuously scrolls on the phone. It decreases your blinking and makes your eyes dry.

Extra usage of these devices can lead to neck pain, headache, and even stress in some cases. In extreme cases, kids feel dizzy or nauseous with too much screen time. These symptoms can occur daily, and it is quite painful.

Final Words

Limiting screen time is vital, but some parents are also under a significant amount of pressure. Parents do not expose screens to their children with bad intentions. It acts as an easy solution for a situation, a tired parent, and a frustrated kid.

Anyhow, it is easy for children to get attracted to screens, and they become so indulged in it that they don't notice the symptoms. It is why you, as a parent, should not only remind them to take breaks, but you should also let them know the importance of it. Avosmart can be your best friend and help you set limits on apps and many things. All in all, it will drastically reduce screen time, which will vastly minimize eye strain.