How to protect child from inappropriate internet content

how to protect child from inappropriate internet content

Children of the ongoing era have easier access to the internet as compared to previous generations. They are more moderate and modern regarding the usage of technology. They are also more aware of the usage of technology even they keep their knowledge updated about the latest or coming innovations in the field of internet, laptop, mobile, games, and tabs. So, it would not be wrong to say that they are leading a digitalized life. They spend their spare time engaging themselves in such activities that are deeply connected to the internet such as playing games online, watching movies, using social media channels, and using the internet for the purpose of the study and other activities. The average rate of internet usage by children is going up with the passage of time. Approximately 41 % of children between the ages of 3 to 5 use the internet at home. On the other hand, more than 57% of children from 6 to 11 years use the internet, and 71% of 12 to 17 olds use the internet.

how to protect kids from inappropriate internet content

The most alarming thing is that the number of children users of the internet is rising up with the passage of time. But there are many issues that erupted because of the usage of the internet and mobile. No doubt, there are many advantages and benefits to the usage of the internet regarding study and other constructive activities. But on the other hand, the usage of the internet by children has caused multiple issues regarding health, education, their skills, and getting involved in time-wasting activities. Parental Control Apps can prove beneficial to address most of the issues. There are avalanches of threats which have been posed to children by the excessive usage of the internet such as

  • Threats to Health
  • Mental Weakness
  • Wastage of Times
  • Getting Connected with Unknown Persons
  • Develop Relationship with Unknown Persons without Taking Parents in Confidence
  • Bad Impact on the Study
  • Getting Involved in Unproductive and Non Constructive Activities

These are some basic issues which are usually faced by every child who uses the internet, but there are many other issues which have been revealed by researches and surveys to detect the issues to let society knows about the impacts of the internet on the lives of children in multiple dimensions, and how usage of the internet can be made fruitful for children by addressing the self-created issues which can spoil health, study and even the life of children if a complete check and balance are not kept on their activities.

  • Threats to Health

Health is an important thing especially when a child grows up. He needs to have a sound mind and a sound body to grow up in healthy ways that of course helps him in his personal life, study and be creative, and get involved in constructive activities. But the excessive usage of the internet is posing severe threats to the health of children in different ways. Their eyes get weak. Even some recent studies have stamped the fact that the excessive usage of the internet impacts the immunity of children by making it fragile that paves the way for multiple diseases. Mental weakness is another most important thing, caused by internet usage.

  • Wastage of Times

Time is the most precious thing in the life of every person. But in the life of a child, the time has much importance because the days are termed as most important and highly crucial for the purpose of his grooming not only at home but also in school. But it is blatant to examine that children spend most of the time using the internet. Even, their parents are less interested to give them time because they all remain busy in internet usage that is exerting bad impacts on children's study and grooming. They devote less time than required to study because of getting engaged in watching movies, using social media channels, and many more. Thus, the excessive usage of the internet is directly effecting the career and study of children.

  • Getting Connected with Unknown Persons

Children create their social media accounts and start making relations with unknown persons. Many studies revealed that children are misused sexually and detracted by such relationships. The most alarming thing is that parents remain unaware of their relationships. Even, they are engaged in criminal activities that are too dangerous for the career of a child and respective society.

  • Getting Involved in Unproductive and Non Constructive Activities

The Internet is the hub of all sorts of activities. You can find each and everything that you desire to spend time such as

  • Movies
  • Porn Videos
  • Games
  • Study Stuff
  • Helpful Videos
  • Information

However, there is a limit to enjoy each phase of life. For instance, watching porn videos and reading porn content is not suitable for children. Yes, it can be read by senior students of literature, movie makers, and producers, or when they get married or become more mature. But watching porn videos during childhood is very dangerous for the mental and physical health of children because they are not stable emotionally at that time. They involve in non-constructive activities that dissipate their time, energy, and health by using the internet.

How to protect the child from inappropriate internet content

Now a highly significant question arises that how the issues which are being erupted because of the excessive usage of internet can be stamped out in the ways that will make sure to minimize and reduce the expected health risks and career risks. There must be checks and balances on the devices of children. They should be kept away from social media channels which can pose risk to their lives. Different types of apps and software have been introduced for the purpose of keeping stern check and balance on children. Such apps must be given utmost attention because these can prove much fruitful to addresses maximum issues that are created by the usage of the internet. Parents and teachers should motivate children to engage themselves in constructive activities to grow them up on sound footings. The usage of the internet should be fruitful but not for the sake of dissipating time. There must be a timetable to use the internet but only for healthy activities. These suggestions will pave the way for healthy development to grow up children. It is the time to fulfill our responsibilities as the career and health of children cannot be compromised because they are the shining stars and growing flowers of the world who have to run the world in the future in multiple spheres by contributions. Always use the best Parental Control Software.