A Parent's Guide to the Digital World

screen time app

Screen time app. Children and Smartphone

It seems cool to remember the days when our ancestors or previous generations were more committed to their books and other creative and intellectual work as compared to the ongoing generation. It would not be wrong to say they enjoyed the blessed and most natural lifestyles. They had enough time…

parental control Windows

Parental Control Software

Technology has become a new need for survival in the 21st century. Gadgets and the internet have brought the world on our tables. It is impossible to assume our lives without technology. With lots of benefits that technology serves, it also has some added cons. Kids especially are the main…

how to protect child from inappropriate internet content

How to protect child from inappropriate internet content

Children of the ongoing era have easier access to the internet as compared to previous generations. They are more moderate and modern regarding the usage of technology. They are also more aware of the usage of technology even they keep their knowledge updated about the latest or coming innovations in…

Parental control app

Best parental control software

“Be careful, Linda. You could fall from there.” “Watch out for cars as you cross the road, Bobby.” “You shouldn’t play with that, Brian. It could hurt you.” As a parent, you may say these things often. As children are young and inexperienced in the ways of life, they don’t…

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