Screen time app. Children and Smartphone

Screen time app

It seems cool to remember the days when our ancestors or previous generations were more committed to their books and other creative and intellectual work as compared to the ongoing generation. It would not be wrong to say they enjoyed the blessed and most natural lifestyles. They had enough time to spend on healthy and physical activities with a healthier life. However, the boot is on the other leg in the contemporary era. Children spend many hours a day using smartphones. There are many issues that have sprouted because of the excessive usage of mobiles by children. The most important issues which erupted because of giving much time to mobiles are:

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Physical Weakness
  • Compromise on study
  • Damaging Creative level

Screen time app. Children and Smartphone

There are many social, academic, and health issues that erupt because of the excessive usage of mobile by children. Even parents accept the reality that their children give more than required time to their cellphones. They are also worried about this reality that their children are much attached to different types of electronic devices such as mobiles, tablets, and many others. The important psychological satisfaction that seems more appropriate to mention here is that neither parents nor children are satisfied with the excessive usage of mobile because children have become addict to the usage of mobiles. They also have a problem with such routine but they have become habitual of the daily routine, according to the research findings of the Pew Research Center as mentioned in the article with the topic “How Teens and Parents Navigate Screen Time and Device Distractions”.

Children and Smartphone

But an important question arises that how the excessive usage of mobile can be stopped with an effective strategy in order to keep the health and study of children more stable. What you need to do is to maintain the timetable and keep stern check and balance on the activities and time regarding mobile usage but there are a number of issues that can spoil this strategy. So, to make the strategy more implacable, we devise and introduce the Avosmart application that will surely help you to align the timetable of your children. You should not worry at all about the excessive usage of mobile by children. Just make sure to have the application – Avosmart- for time management. Keep the health of your children protected with no compromise on time wastage and study ignorance by having Avosmart.


Following the statistical data of a report, about 60% of teenagers are of the opinion that they spend too much time in online activities. They even consider it as a major problem for their age group individuals. An average time that has been estimated by the research data of Common Sense Media is approximately 9 hours in a day that is spent by teenagers for online activities by using different types of forums. However, the most important question here arises that how much parents of these children are worried about the excessive usage of mobile. It is not so easy question to answer. However, research data of multiple well-reputed organizations reveal that parents support children in buying such electronic devices at the initial stage. But with the passage of time as they come to know about the pathetic and disturbing routine of children to use mobile, they get frayed. Robert Lustig who is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Southern California develops his narrative in this way by stating that “It’s not a drug, but it might as well be. It works the same way… it has the same results”. Pros & Cons


- Children have become much aware of the ongoing world because of the usage of mobile. Even, they are more informed than their parents and teachers about generic and industry-based knowledge. They are well informed. They are sharper than their parents just because of the usage of the internet. That is the reason, they know well about world affairs and technological innovations as compared to their parents as per their interest.

- Children always use mobiles for the purpose of searching and browsing about cartoons and other questions related to their study. These sorts of activities of children can be termed as the “infotainment” in which they extract information related to their study, hobbies, and education by freshening up their minds from the regular routine of study and schooling. They are also shown the movies related to the subject that appear to them difficult just to imprint the ideas on their minds for grasping the concepts or ideas. They get two things from such type of usage of mobile, first is information to enhance their knowledge, and the second is to refresh themselves. - Spending time for constructive activities is very smart usage of time as well as mobiles. Children use mobiles in their free time to fresh themselves. Usage of the technology keeps them well-aware of special information.


No doubt, there are many advantages to the usage of mobile. However, excess of everything is bad and exerts negative as well as lethal impacts from multiple perspectives. Similarly, the excessive usage of mobile is too dangerous for children regarding physical health, mental health, academics, physical sports, and much more. Find below some disadvantages of the excessive usage of mobile.

- Children spend 23 hours in a week to use mobiles or smartphones. Their mental health gets spoiled because of the excessive usage of mobile. - For the strong growth of children, it is important for them to engage them in physical exercise or sports, but children spend most of their free time using cell phones and smartphones. This aspect surely weakens them and makes their immunity weaker and less resistant to defy the attacks of lethal and dangerous viruses and bacteria. - The minds of children must be imprinted with natural things to keep them fresh and healthy. But they spend most of the time using mobiles and watching movies, porn content and many other things which are not beneficial for their health.

There is the dire need to stop the excessive usage of cell phones or smartphones of children not only for their study cause but also for their health cause. Always use the well-reputed and mostly suggested application –Avosmart- for more positive results to manage their time in more accurate and organized manners.