Here is what parents need to know about Discord

What parents need to know about Discord

Have you heard your kid talk about Discord? If you have, this blog will let you know more about it because it is one of the most popular apps among today's generation. Indirectly, many teens are looking for things that hook them and kill their time. Discord is a place for kids of all interests who can come together and be with people of similar interests.

They love being on Discord because of its fantastic service and feasible features. People can talk about and discuss anything on it and make their conversations fun with pictures, videos, and links. Commonly, kids use the app to share data about new and existing games, so all parents need to know about Discord.


It is a conventional social media app like the other ones, but it also has some specific differences. Discord has many additional things, and it is not precisely like Facebook or Instagram, where you can see other people's content. People can join chat channels and groups when other people invite them.

One of the notable things about Discord is that you can create private servers and chatrooms. You can invite your friends there, play games, and chat with them. Discord supports communication without boundaries, and you can discuss anything there. People largely use Discord because the app has a lot of proactive users. According to studies and stats, Discord gets traffic of over 19 million per day.

It is quite similar and not to Skype because you can talk about your game and different strategies while playing it. Although it came out in 2015, Discord is seeing growth at an excellent rate. You can get Discord for PC and phones. You can exchange messages, videos, photos, and audio on Discord. Kids mainly use Discord to find more and more people to play with to make their games more fun and challenging.

What parents need to know about Discord

How does the Discord app work?

If a person needs to start a conversation with someone on Discord, they can invite them and send them a friend request. But, only elderly people and business people prefer using the app this way. Teens and children use Discord's feature by joining private servers and groups. For example, there are servers for the Fortnite game, music, Roblox, and everything else. A specific server mainly has people who have similar interests and thoughts. They can converse with messages, video, audio, and photos.

Some servers are open to all, while some are private. When playing, players can communicate endlessly with other players and discuss methods and work accordingly.

Is the Discord app safe for children to use?

Every app has its pros and cons, and the same goes for Discord. It is undoubtedly a useful online space for children, teenagers, and people of all age groups to use the app properly. In the adrenaline rush, there are chances that kids might say something rash to fellow players. People have noted instances where children say stuff like 'kill yourself,' 'I'm the boss,' and 'you don't know how to play. It can be harmful if these things escalate, and there have been cases where people share racist content on the app.

Honestly, there is a wide usage of foul language on Discord. Not only that, but some people even discuss games that fantasize about aggression and violence, torture, drugs, and even sex. Even though there is no place for hate groups on Discord, yet somehow people manage to hide their true identities and chat secretly. A very unfortunate incident took place last year when people busted groups on Discord with clips of child pornography.

If you want to keep your children safe on Discord, you need to ensure that they do not join public servers and only join private servers. The app is trying its best to make it 13+. Yet, the complexity increases if the monitoring is not intense. As a parent, you must keep a thorough check on your children's servers, groups, and the time they spend on Discord.


One such way to keep a good check on your children's activity is by using Avosmart. This app is one of the leading parental control software you can get to keep a check on your children. By using Avosmart, you can block websites and apps that you don't find suitable for children. You can also monitor what they do on social media apps and get reports of them. Furthermore, you can put time limits on apps and websites, after which your children can't access them.

You can also choose who they can talk to, with a little alteration in the settings. If you find someone unsuitable, you can block them then and there. All in all, it is the best tool you can get to keep a watch on the online activities of your children.

Final Words

There is nothing wrong with children using Discord. However, it is unfair that some people spread hate and other things on the app. Thus, you must have an app with parental guidance with some features you can use to keep a watch on them, like Avosmart. Finally, you need to make your kids aware of the dangers and tricks they can encounter on Discord. As a parent, you must keep them safe and communicate clearly with them.