Which Websites & Games Are Safe For Your Children

Which Websites & Games Are Safe For Your Children

Despite all the darkness, the world wide web is an excellent place for many things. Various websites can be malicious or harmful, but with the proper precautions, your children can visit many websites and play multiple games that are safe for them.

There are almost five billion pages on the Internet, and although it might seem complicated, it is possible to search for fun and safe games and websites. The Internet can be pretty overwhelming for parents, which makes them shy away. Irrespective of these things, various kid-friendly websites will help them learn and help them create many things and grow up into becoming more than just a consumer of the Internet. So, here are some of the websites and games that are entertaining and help them become good learners.

Which Websites & Games Are Safe For Your Children

The ideal gaming websites for kids aged 2-3 years old

Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a website dedicated to classic children's TV shows. It offers children the chance to enjoy videos and play games while learning letters, rhymes, colors, and many other things.

PBS Kids

It is a website that provides inspiring, informing, and entertaining content. The PBS Kids website is a companion for the broadcast channel. It is full of sorting and counting games, sing-a-longs, and various things.

The best gaming websites for kids aged 3-6 years old

When kids become five or six, they are introduced to preschool concepts. So it is best to show them the websites that help them with these things. So, here are two excellent websites for children that are ideal for their age.

Nick JR.

Not only does the Nick JR site contain games and puzzles, but it also features books based on the channel's TV shows. Also, it contains activities that help children awaken their creativity with music, art, and fashion. With the help of parental controls, you can unlock full episodes for kids that they can watch while traveling.

National Geographic for Children

It is a fun website for kids that features many interactive activities that will encourage children to explore and learn, especially about the animal kingdom, countries, and continents. Furthermore, a section called "Weird, But True!" features extraordinary facts about everything.

The ideal gaming websites for kids aged 6-9

Kids are young students by the time they are 6-9 years of age. With these many numbers of doubts and assignments, children have to think and plan ahead. So, here are three fantastic gaming websites for children aged 6-9 years old.

Highlights for kids

This website is a companion website of the renowned print magazine that was developed by national leaders in child development and education. Additionally, it features entertaining games, brainteasers, stories, podcasts, jokes, and many puzzles with hidden pictures.

Switch Zoo

Switch Zoo is both a website and an app. It is a site where the imaginations of a kid can take over! Children can make, play, or watch what happens when they switch animal attributes with an entirely different animal. Furthermore, they can also explore if these new species can survive in their native habitats with these attributes.

National Geographic Family Fun Guides

The Family Fun Guide is a resource-rich website that is full of content, tips, experiments, and many other things. It is supplementary to the National Geographic Kids and Family websites.

Ideal websites for children aged 9-12 years old

Children aged 9-12 may still behave like little children. Some of them might also act like mature children. Kids this age have an insanely high level of curiosity, and they also think with logic. So, these fantastic game websites are ideal for children this age.

Science Bob

The Science Bob website encourages all random acts of science. If a website can make science as fun and enjoyable as a game, it is Science Bob. This website is organized by experiments, science fair ideas, questions and answers, and videos.


This website is a startup that is the winner of many awards for teaching children to code. It is a gaming app that is there on Android and iOS. It also features many character-based stories that will help children teach the basics of coding. All in all, codeSpark is a useful and entertaining app that gives a student a boost in the workspace.

Websites that are ideal for kids of all ages


Funbrain is a website where children can search for games, videos, and books categorized into different grade levels. All in all, Funbrain is a website that is a dream come true for a busy and organized parent.


For those who did not know, Funology is the scientific term for having fun. This gaming website gets as fun as it sounds, and it is more than just games. Funology incorporates magic, trivia, crafts, recipes, and many more things!

How should you ensure that your child stays safe on the Internet?

The answer to it is simple: Avosmart. It is an excellent parental control tool that will keep you aware of your children's activities on the Internet. With Avosmart, you can block websites and apps that contain potentially harmful content. You can also check their history. Furthermore, Avosmart will provide you with helpful insights into their online activities.