Activities to keep your kids off the screen this holiday season

Activities to keep your kids off the screen this holiday

We often see kids hooked to their phones, browsing different apps. Even with family and friends around them, they tend to continue staring at screens endlessly. Would you like to get their attention this holiday season? Some exciting games and activities could end this screen obsession temporarily.

Additionally, these games would also bring the whole family closer. Isn't that what Christmas is about? Spending some precious moments with your loved ones is on everyone's agenda. Hence, doing these simple activities together would truly help in keeping your kids off the screen.

We've curated a comprehensive list of entertaining activities that would keep not just the kids but even the adults off their phones. Read on to know more!

Board Games

While this sounds too obvious, board games have become obsolete nowadays. Due to the emergence of a digital world, not many families actually play these games anymore. Thus, we thought the holidays would be the best time to revive an iconic tradition. The whole family together in a room playing Monopoly. Doesn't that sound amazing? Well, if you don't prefer Monopoly, a game of Twister shall also do the trick.

However, make sure that the whole family is involved so that it is simply more pleasurable. Furthermore, you can also bring out a couple of decks of cards. The variations that are available through cards are unbelievable. People have gotten so creative nowadays with playing cards that you just cannot get bored. Everyone shall be equally hooked on to the game.

Baking holiday cookies

Baking holiday cookies

As you already know, baking cookies, pies, and cakes has been a Christmas tradition for a very long time. But why should only a couple of people do it? Instead, involving your kids in baking cookies and decorating them would be extremely fun. Moreover, they would also forget about all their online stuff.

Isn't that a leisure activity that completely eliminates screen time? We think all such Christmassy activities should be done with all the kids. Wrapping gifts, decorating the tree, and preparing the house could also be added on. Although it does take some effort, more people helping out wouldn't be too tedious.

Outdoor activities

If you think indoor actions are the only catalysts, you are wrong, my friend. There are several more exciting things to lure their kids away from the phone. How does hosting a game of catch in your backyard sound? Or maybe a game of tag?

During the holiday season, the weather is indeed brilliant. Spending that time outdoors is definitely a good call. If it snows in your area, you can even indulge in some fun snow fights. We're pretty sure all the children and adults would love such activities. Building a snowman is also an attractive scheme for your family. Outdoor activities truly bring about a huge variety and shall also help pass the time.

Making and sending holiday cards

Ever since the beginning, holiday cards have been a vital part of the holiday season. Most families prepare and send holiday cards to all their friends. Hence, involving your children in such activities could be extremely entertaining. Additionally, their creative inputs would also come in handy in actually making your card look flashy.

Arts and crafts, being a kid-friendly activity, would surely attract them. They would definitely keep their phones aside for such an assignment. Making holiday cards together gives the essence of being a part of a family. We believe that everyone should enjoy that without any interruptions.

Movie marathons

While this is a controversial one, the family being together is what matters. Staring at the screen, watching movies together is better than every individual browsing their own phones. Watching holiday-based movies with family is an awesome option. Not only would you guys bond over the movies, but you will have your children's undivided attention.

Further, you can even collect everyone's phones so that all the eyes are on the big screen. Netflix and Amazon have an endless collection of brilliant flicks. One can never get tired of watching a variety of family-friendly movies in cozy blankets. You could also prepare some hot chocolate and just enjoy the wonderful moments.

Clicking loads of photographs

Although most people already do this, we couldn't resist mentioning it. Clicking and posing for pictures can take a lot of time. That is more time that your children stay off the screens. Hence, we think everyone should solely designate a certain period for photographs.

Moreover, you can also develop creative ideas and props, which would truly be an enjoyable activity. Even preparing the props would lure your kids away from their devices. It would serve as a wholesome moment to bond and unwind.

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