Child Play Violent Video Games

Child Play Violent Video Games

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With the increasing bend of children toward smart gadgets, they are dissociating from the real-world and living more in virtual creation. Video games that are based upon real-life simulation are the most popular ones among the younger generation. Children often spend most of their time on mobile phones playing these games. Most parents take it lightly and consider it just like any other means of entertainment.

But studies presented by child psychology experts don’t give this habit a green signal. There is no doubt in the fact that some of the video games promote learning and others like war and racing games help in sharpening motor neuron activity. But all the games do not always promote education and entertainment. Most popular games on the internet contain violence in some form. Psychologists consider these violent content as threats to your child’s thinking skills. But wait it doesn’t mean playing violent games, will definitely make your child violent. But excess affiliation of your child with these games will weaken their daily real-life cognitive behavior.

Child Play Violent Video Games

Online platforms are full of gaming content of different types. From puzzle games to real-life simulation games. Puzzle games are considered good, as it increases the calculation speed of your kids. But most popular games on the internet are about real-life simulation. In which real-life type situations are presented like battles, racing, etc.

Child Play Violent Video Games

These real-life simulation games serve a different category of products. Some games simulate dating and poking girls. Some games even serve sexual content in which players can click on sexual parts of the body. Bots in games often show enticing behavior which can affect the thinking of your child’s brain. These games will distract attention from regular works and can invoke negative thinking.

Other games contain high-level violent content like war simulation. Here, a player has to kill other players using modern gun-like weapons to be a winner. These games taste tactics and motor neuron working of a person and improves, but for kids’ brains, it can be like a slow poison. A poison that results in a violent personality. After playing these kinds of games, fatal weapons like guns and killing look normal to them. However, it is not enough to make him violent, but when these feelings get merged with a negative atmosphere, it can provoke a person to perform violence.

However, these results are the outcome of excessive gameplay. It looks like one will play one or two matches and will put the phone. But practically it is not possible as these games are made very addictive. Due to which kids always like to stick with it, and even while doing other things they keep thinking about the move they would have played in the last matches. This kind of addiction may cause behavioral changes in the long term. But in the instance, they magnetize children and force them to spend long screen time, which is a waste of time.

The overall gaming industry is more than Hollywood. In this industry, more screen time is directly proportional to more money. To make their games more addictive, they indirectly attack the weak physiological aspect of the human brain. Like a wish of being a winner, obsession with winning and giving others a knockdown, force players to spend more time on games. With these tactics, a kid got more affected than a grown man. As a parent, it is your responsibility to block these Games and safeguard your kid.

Here, in a digital atmosphere, it is not possible to keep them away from games and it is not also fair to say only games are responsible for the violence. Problems come after excessive gameplay, in this situation it becomes compulsory as a parent to limit the screen time of your kids. Also, monitoring the content of the game your child plays becomes essential for their better intellectual growth and nourishment.

Every time you can’t stay near your child to monitor what content he is watching, neither can you keep your eyes always on your child to monitor how much time he spends, especially if you are not a housewife, instead you are a working parent.

Game blocker apps can serve your needs, a quality game block app will be required. Considering the above requirement and all the complexities of parent life, the Avosmart team has created a game blocker app. This game blocker app not only blocks desired gaming apps, but it also keeps track of your child’s device and enables you to monitor their gaming content and screen time remotely. This game blocker app will prohibit you, child, from downloading any gaming app without your permission. Each time you will be notified. Hence it deals with your content management problem.

Another problem, which is about screen time, can sort out by setting a threshold that can be set on your own. Using the Game blocker app by Avosmart you will be able to get rid of any hazard related to the content of the game and time consumed in playing games by your child. Avosmart is a renowned parental control software that gives a great game blocker app and every parent should use it. But only using the best game blocker app is not the final solution, as communication with your kids and discussing good content and screen time management has an equal role in keeping your child away from this potential mental health problem. Convince them with your word in your presence and guard them using the Avo smart app in absence is a complete method of safeguarding your children.