Screen Time App: A Solution for Concerned Parents

Do you know, according to the AACAP report, children spend up to 9 hours a day on mobile games or other apps? Game producers ingeniously design their content to captivate young minds, making it hard for your child to disconnect. The continuous stream of notifications and incentives often leads to addiction, disconnecting children from the real world. This alarming trend negatively impacts their creativity and social development. But fear not, with the screen time parental control feature of Avosmart, you can safeguard your child's digital life.

Psychologists warn that this negatively affects children’s creativity and their social development. Due to prolonged exposure to games, parents are having a harder time communicating with their children.

Regain Control with Avosmart's App to Limit Screen Time

Imagine having the power to limit your child's app usage to a healthy measure, say, 1 hour daily. With Avosmart's app to limit screen time, this becomes a reality. Once the set limit is reached, access to the specified games and apps gets automatically blocked. This ensures your child's digital engagement doesn't turn into digital addiction.

Tailored Access: Games and Apps Schedule

Avosmart's flexibility extends to scheduling specific times for app usage. You can ensure your child only accesses games between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., for instance. This feature is particularly beneficial in preventing late-night gaming, promoting better sleep habits. The combination of time limits and schedules, adjustable per app, ensures that your child enjoys digital content without compromising on educational or essential apps.

Avosmart's Unique Advantage

What sets Avosmart apart is the selective control over which apps fall under these restrictions. While other parental control apps might limit essential functions like phone calls, Avosmart smartly excludes necessary apps like Contacts or Maps from these limitations. Your child stays connected and safe, even after reaching their app usage limit.

Why Choose Avosmart?

Avosmart is not just an app; it's a parental companion in the digital age. By choosing Avosmart, you're not only controlling screen time but also encouraging healthier, more creative, and socially active lifestyles for your children. Register now and embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're providing a balanced digital environment for your child.

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Do you know that

67% of children come into contact with pornography in the Internet

67% of children come into contact with pornography via the Internet

50% of children admit to being addicted to smartphones

50% of children admit to being addicted to smartphones

34% of children have experienced cyberbullying

34% of children have experienced cyberbullying

41% of children have come into contact with strangers on the Internet

41% of children have come into contact with strangers on the Internet

Source: 1. Report on threats to children's safety and development in Foundation Gives Children a Strength. 2. 3. -


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Very efficient! Completely protects my child from harmful internet content.


Just what I was looking for! I set a one-hour daily limit for my daughters accessing the internet and Avosmart takes care of it for me.


I recommend Avosmart because it has a variety of functions. My children are protected when using the internet and I am able to control how much time they spend playing games, etc.


It was important for my wife and I to be able to keep an eye on our daughter's social media habits. Avosmart helps us keep our daughter's digital and real life balanced.


My son used to spend too much time on the internet, using a laptop, tablet, etc.. With the reports provided by Avosmart, I know exactly which websites my son visits and for how long.


Now I am able to check my son's current location at any time. An excellent service!