Screen Time app. How much is okay for kids?

screen time app
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In this age of technology, everything seems so connected. It gave freedom to kids, now they can do their task by themselves. And also who can remember so many bedtime stories?

Thank God! Our kids have phones now so they can select and listen to their favorite stories. If you are also a parent and thinking like this, it’s an alarming situation. Because the technology you think of as a friend of your kid can be his enemy.

screen time kids app

But it is impossible to keep your child cent percent away from the screen. Because they have to meet with the generation. This situation leads to a question; how much screen time then is it safe for kids? The answer is— it depends upon the age. Screen time restriction should be relaxed with growing age, but make sure it doesn’t cross the threshold.

Screen time app research

In the study, it has found that for children below 24 months, screen exposure shouldn’t be allowed. Because at this age they learn more from the reciprocating conversation and observing other adults. Exposure to screen at an early age like below 3 years can cause social behavioral disorders at a later age. Because it is the time when their language capability and social behavior flourish.

Kids above 3 years in age, should be given limited and guided screen exposure. It is better to let them watch tv than giving them a youtube channel. Because TV is more controlled. Allowing more screen time for kids can lead to severe learning and cognitive problems as observed in studies. Kids who were more than 3 years in age, and using screen time more than 4 hrs a day had a thinner cortex than other kids. It is a thinking part of the brain, and it must be healthy.

Another study was made on little older kids around 9 years in age. Kids who were using around 7 hours of screen time had a lack of white material from the brain; it was observed in the MRI scan. White materials are long nerve cells covered with the fatty white substance
which is used to communicate with other brain cells in pulses. Along with cognitive and thinking capability, it also impacts the nature of a kid. Blue light released from screens alters the sleeping hormone from releasing. It leads to stress and behavior-related problems.

What should parents do then?

First of all, parents should reduce their own screen time and spend more time with their kids. For younger kids below 8 years in age, parents should share screen time with their kids. Make sure they are spending time with good things, they are not watching violence on the internet.

If your kid is elder; more than 8 years of age. And you have given him a personal tablet or mobile then. As a parent, you should control it, because no matter how obedient your kid is. Interest and fun served by the screen will captivate him, and even without will he will end up spending more screen time.

Avosmart is a parental control software application that enables parents to control their kid’s screen time. It allows you to set screen time for apps, messenger, youtube and social media, etc. Once your kid breaches that fixed screen time, it gives you as well as him a notification and can even lock their device.

It is not spying on your kid’s device unless it is a friendly tool that every parent should use. We have already seen the cons of longer screen time, and it is well-said precaution is better than cure. Avosmart parental control application controls screen time for android and all other operating systems.