Is too much social media bad for your kid's brain?

Is too much social media bad for your kid's brain?

Social Media was made, considering the need to connect people. Major social media platforms used widely nowadays are WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. There are many others which are very famous. According to the studies, an average smartphone user spends more time on these famous social media platforms than any other life activity, like doing exercise or talking with loved ones in free time. A trendy phrase used about social media brings closer the distance and makes you distant from closer. This phrase suits the present scenario as we see people watching their phones every time in Metro or free classes. So a question comes: What makes these people glued to mobile phones, especially to social media platforms. The answer is not very difficult; it is not any spell that binds people to social media. On social media, people love seeing about the world and especially their friends, with the use of social media, they can always be in touch with friends and what is going around the world. Even they can raise their voice on important issues and convey their message to the world. But social media works so simply?  No! excessive use of social media can impact the brain of your kid. Let's come to know-how.

How can social media affect a kid's brain?

Social Media can affect kids' brains in many ways; it can be either good or bad if your kid uses controlled social media and follows useful pages. He might get inspired to do something good. On the other hand, too much social media can have a bad impact on kids as well. To understand the adverse effects of excess social media, we have to know. What things to which one can get exposed via social media?

Is too much social media bad for your kid's brain?

Using social media, a person can be exposed to several things. The first thing they can get exposed to wealthy social media influencers. By seeing the lavish lifestyle of those people on social media, the pursuit of materialism increases. Sometimes these influencers promote the wrong way of earning money like playing poker etc. These influencers are making the perception of drugs and narcotics very common among the minds of people. People see their lives and start comparing him shelves with them and try to copy them, at least in partying using drugs and narcotics. Social media is the biggest tool of marketing nowadays, and teens get trapped in those strategies.

On social media, people sometimes compete in showing off themselves. Everyone wishes to show their best side on social media, like their achievements, events that they attend, and many more, today's new generation teen counts the number of likes or comments. A small click made by others while scrolling his screen in free time becomes an award for someone. They make sure they would post better pics that will get more likes. This use of social media not only creates corruption in the real motto of social media. People are also starting to get depressed, especially when they don't get more likes and the following. Sometimes people start hating themselves by looking at other social media accounts. This is the sad but true bad effect of social media on a kid's brain.

Social media is a sea of people, and one can get in contact with anyone, nobody knows what could be the intentions of the person to whom the kid is talking. If in the shade of friendship, another person succeeds in leaving an impact on your kid. It can impact your kid's brain, and he can get dwelled in the wrong direction. Therefore it is essential to understand the bad impact of excess screen time on social media on Kid's brain. When does someone ask what if? If somebody uses social media without talking to strangers and getting associated with likes and comment business. The answer is, in that scenario, your kid won't get directly impacted. However, it's difficult for a teen to give up these things, but using excess screen time on social media is just a waste of time. Like one does by watching TV and playing games. Therefore it is needed to safeguard your kid from this problem.

How to protect Kid's brain from excessive social media?

To protect your kid's brain from excessive social media. Avosmart has created smart features for parents. This application lets parents monitor kids' social media. In this way, you can save your kid from going in the wrong direction. You can set how much privacy you want to give your kids.

Avosmart gives features by which parents can limit screen time of social media for their kids. By doing this, parents can save kids from many adverse effects of excessive social media use. Screen time restriction features give parents control to preset the screen time direction, and in case of any breach, they get notified.

Along with the use of Avosmart applications that safeguard your kids. Parents should also communicate with children about their social media, make them aware of the wrong things, and motivate them to follow correct usages.

This generation can not be isolated from social media. We need to become good digital citizens and encourage our kids to follow the right things because good and bad both will be present. As per your guidelines, Avosmart lets you track whether your kid is following them or not.