Smart child tracking App

Avosmart View provides automated periodic, on-demand, or private gallery snapshots of your child's online behavior, all of which are encrypted for optimal security.

Aids parents in managing and protecting their children's online activities. We keep track of communicators, games, and social media sites, as well as text messages and emails using screen shots.

Avosmart monitors discussions and content across a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, GroupMe, and others.

For consistent monitoring, use Periodic Views to receive automated screenshots on a regular basis. For ad hoc surveillance, View-On-Demand sends quick screenshots to your child's device. View Gallery saves screenshots in your private gallery for up to 30 days, allowing you to keep track of your usage. Use selected categories to filter screenshots.

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Do you know that

67% of children come into contact with pornography via the Internet

50% of children admit to being addicted to smartphones.

34% of children have experienced cyberbullying.

41% of children have come into contact with strangers on the Internet.

Source: 1. Report on threats to children's safety and development in Foundation Gives Children a Strength. 2. 3. -


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Very efficient! Completely protects my child from harmful internet content.


Just what I was looking for! I set a one-hour daily limit for my daughters accessing the internet and Avosmart takes care of it for me.


I recommend Avosmart because it has a variety of functions. My children are protected when using the internet and I am able to control how much time they spend playing games, etc.


It was important for my wife and I to be able to keep an eye on our daughter's social media habits. Avosmart helps us keep our daughter's digital and real life balanced.


My son used to spend too much time on the internet, using a laptop, tablet, etc.. With the reports provided by Avosmart, I know exactly which websites my son visits and for how long.


Now I am able to check my son's current location at any time. An excellent service!