AI Informational Guide for Children

AI Informational Guide for Children
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Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly among the most popular topics these days. Applications of Artificial Intelligence have also become frequent in our lives. The questions that pop up in such situations can be: What is AI, and can our children learn it? If our children can, then how, and which is the best place for our children to learn it? So, here is the ultimate informational guide that will answer all your questions about AI.

What is AI?

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is computers performing tasks requiring human intelligence. For instance, learning, solving problems, making decisions, perceptions, and many more. Artificial Intelligence algorithms are best trained for identifying patterns, predicting, and recommending actions by feeding large amounts of data input. If you ever interacted with an online chatbot for customer service or an OTT app that recommended you what to watch next, it was all AI that did the work!

Why should your children learn it?

UNICEF says that the impact of Artificial Intelligence will be most significant on children. Similarly, with other in-demand skills like data science, it makes for a sensible reason to learn it. Our world is transforming rapidly and is majorly tech-driven. In such a world, ensuring that our children are equipped with AI knowledge and skillsets will also ensure their career potential.

Similarly, teaching AI to our children is vital because it plays a crucial role in their life, even if they are unaware of it. It is there in video games, virtual assistants, and in many other techs and devices that our children interact with daily. It is pretty common for our kids to overestimate the potential of AI, considering their interactions with it. Therefore, teaching the principles uses, and drawbacks of AI to children early can be the best way to kickstart critical thinking. It will also prepare them to transition into smart consumers of tech in the future.

What is the ideal age for children to learn AI?

There is no particular age barrier, and there is also no such thing that they cannot learn. Even learners at the tender age of 3 can indeed start exploring the AI world on a foundational basis. Children are curious and quick learners. So, with the appropriate approach and ideal resources, learning AI can be a gratifying and exciting educational experience for kids of all ages.

How can children start learning AI?

If they want to make their children learn AI, many parents often wonder where to start. It is because it can seem a ‘far away’ concept for them. However, the reality is that AI surrounds the children of this generation. Thus, in many cases, they know how it works better than we do.

AI Informational Guide for Children

Children below 9

Handcrafting is the best tool for the beginning stage of learning Artificial Intelligence. It will let children draw out basic AI concepts or other story writing tools. All of it will also motivate kids to draw the story out.

Children from 9-14

Children in this age group can learn with interactive activities. It will help them learn how AI algorithms are the most crucial part of it. These activities and games will empower children to learn AI while building things and playing.

Also, online resources and classes are the most helpful means of learning for children, so, here are some of the best resources for your children!

Best AI and ML online learning resources


Irrespective of the subject, YouTube is the best and the most easy-to-go source for knowledge, including AI. All it takes to start learning is to search ‘AI for Kids.’ You will then get instant access to tonnes of study material. After you watch some videos, YouTube will also start suggesting videos of similar types. AI is responsible for that as well!

Machine Learning for Kids

Machine Learning for Kids is a user-friendly platform that offers kids a hands-on experience for learning ML. It provides step-by-step guidance, which will help children create ML models that will recognize texts, numbers, pictures, or sounds. Machine Learning for Kids offers a tremendous learning experience for children.


So, these were all the know-hows of learning AI for children. There are many more learning resources, but these were among the best of them. If you want to keep a watch on your children’s online activities, Avosmart can be your best help. It provides you with critical insights into their activities. You can also block potentially harmful content on the Internet, be it a website or a YouTube channel.