Read this before sharing your kids' pictures on the Internet

Children screen time

It’s easier than ever to have fun, learn something new, and stay in touch. In the palm of our hands, we have access to all of our favorite entertainment, music, social networking, and the latest news. Our children enjoy the ease as much as we…

MeetMe App: What Every Parent Needs to Know

MeetMe App: What Every Parent Needs to Know

MeetMe is one of the most harmful applications accessible to kids, despite having a 4-star Google Play rating and over 100 million users. This software is made to look exactly like other popular social networking applications like Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately, these parallels conceal a…

Ways to block spam texts

Parental control text messages

How can I keep an eye on my child’s text messages without paying a penny? How can I set Android parental controls on my child’s phone? Is this anything you’ve ever contemplated before? If this is the case, you’ve come to the correct spot because…

How parental control apps protect your child from cyberbullying

What is a slang kid definition? Teen slang.

Often, parents don’t know how important it is for them to become “bilingual” when they talk to their tweens and teens about things. “Teen Slang,” a group of acronyms, innuendos, and code words, is used freely by teenagers and their friends. Then, what happens if…

7 Online Challenges that are downright dangerous for your kids

Apps for monitoring kids social media

What are the best apps for keeping tabs on their children’s social media accounts? Everyone is benefiting from the rise of a technology-driven society. When it comes to today’s advancements in technology, it’s clear that kids are more prone to the digital world than any…

Is Minecraft safe for kids?

Is Minecraft Safe for Kids?

What’s the point of the game, you ask? Is Minecraft Safe for Kids? When compared to other video games, which usually contain some kind of story or goal, such as saving a princess in Mario or conquering the “bad guys” in games like Stardew Valley,…

Is Fornite safe for children

Is Fortnite safe for kids? A Parent’s Guide to Game Safety

It is possible that the popularity of “Fortnite” is due to its popularity. When Minecraft and The Hunger Games came together to have a kid, the outcome was Fortnite. It combines features of gameplay such as collecting materials and building constructions with other components such…

Gaming safety and parental controls. Guide for Parents

Gaming safety and parental controls. Guide for Parents

There is a danger while playing games online. A person’s mental and physical health may be harmed as a result of their participation in video games. Downloading Whenever you download from an untrustworthy source, you are more likely to come across scams and bogus websites….

What exactly you need to know about anime and manga

What exactly you need to know about anime and manga?

Japanese manga, which is highly stylized Japanese comics; anime, which are cartoons in the same vein; and other kinds of pop culture are popular among teenagers and young adults. Large, rounded eyes characterize the majority of manga and anime characters, and they may be found…

Activities to keep your kids off the screen this holiday

Activities to keep your kids off the screen this holiday season

We often see kids hooked to their phones, browsing different apps. Even with family and friends around them, they tend to continue staring at screens endlessly. Would you like to get their attention this holiday season? Some exciting games and activities could end this screen…