Top Parents Guide to TikTok

Top Parents Guide to TikTok

Falling behind your kids or tracking every single of their social media activities can be a difficult task. Furthermore, understanding new apps become more challenging for parents. One such app is TikTok. You can make music videos and videos of similar sorts on TikTok. You…

Is too much social media bad for your kid's brain?

Is too much social media bad for your kid’s brain?

Social Media was made, considering the need to connect people. Major social media platforms used widely nowadays are WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. There are many others which are very famous. According to the studies, an average smartphone user spends more time on these famous social…

Parental Control app Monitoring is not spying

Parental Control App Monitoring is not spying

Parental control apps monitoring is sometimes being criticized on a moral basis. They say it is a way of spying and claim the mind cannot fully grow in a restricted atmosphere. Parents sometimes get influenced by these ideas and live in a dilemma whether or…

Parental control

7 Reasons Why Parental Control is Important

Parental control is not only safer for your child, but is also essential for their development. In the digital age, we have all gotten used to the latest technology. Whether it’s a computer, phone, or a smoke detector, humans have learned to live among AI….

Parental control app

Best parental control software

“Be careful, Linda. You could fall from there.” “Watch out for cars as you cross the road, Bobby.” “You shouldn’t play with that, Brian. It could hurt you.” As a parent, you may say these things often. As children are young and inexperienced in the…

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