Cyberbullying in kids: Recognizing the signs


Due to the rapid advancement of technology, children nowadays get access to phones much earlier in their life. While this may be a good thing, there are certain aspects that parents need to keep in check. The most brutal effect of increased phone usage could be cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is the act of harassing another individual digitally or through technology.

Basically, if someone harasses, threatens, embarrasses, or targets another person through smartphones or PCs, it is known as cyberbullying. Parents need to be aware of such situations when their kids use phones regularly. There are some signs that they must definitely know. Additionally, there are a few rules that they can enforce to prevent the chance of cyberbullying.

Read on to find out these telltale signs and methods to reduce the chance of your child falling victim.

Signs of cyberbullying

Want to do your level best to prevent your child from getting bullied? Or do you want to act immediately at the first instance of cyberbullying? Don't worry, as we have listed some obvious signs of cyberbullying that you must know. Furthermore, you should also know what steps to take after noticing these signs.

  • Uneasy, nervous, or scared of going outside or school: We believe that this is a major warning sign. If your kid feels that the school is an uncomfortable environment, it could be a sign of bullying. The need to skip school, come home early, or not ride the bus are better determinants. However, noticing your child's behavior around an outdoor location is the best method.
  • Nervous while texting or using social media: Many times, you'll see that your children aren't very happy looking at the screen. Sometimes, they just don't like the text they read. Other times, they could be nervous about something or someone. It is best to ask them what is going on at frequent intervals. In this way, parents can also stay in the loop.
  • Has become suddenly secretive about online activity: Generally, kids rarely share much about their online life. But if they are getting overly secretive about it, something may be fishy. Moreover, it could be a huge warning sign that something/someone online is bothering them.
  • Getting upset or frustrated after going online: Certain kids instantly express their anger or sadness after going online. The whole scrolling of social media may get them upset immediately. This case could be yet another sign of cyberbullying. There is definitely a reason they are getting so annoyed after just going online. You may need to step in on this one.
  • Trouble sleeping at night or sleepy during the day: Sleeplessness or insomnia is a common effect of bullying in general. Kids may start having trouble sleeping at night. Additionally, they may then start feeling excessively sleepy while at school or during the day. Hence, parents should take this sign as a clear-cut case of some kind of trouble with friends either in school or online.
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or favorite activities: Sometimes, children lose interest in some of their best hobbies during such a time. Cyberbullying is responsible for a ton of bad mental trauma like anxiety and depression. These play a major role in spoiling the mood of kids. As a result, they do not find any joy in activities that used to be their favorite before.
  • Making passing statements about attempting suicide: As you might have already thought, such a case is an absolute red flag. You would notice such behavior as the last straw. It means that your child requires immediate therapy or mental ease. Hence, you must keep your eyes and ears open for different such scenarios.

How can parents help?

If something as brutal as cyberbullying is happening with your kid, it is time to take action. There are several ways in which you can help on a regular basis:

  • Offer comfort and support: Your child may get depressed very soon after bullying. You must offer your support to them and just talk them through everything. Parents can make their children open up and mention the problem. In this way, you can suggest ways in which one can tackle the whole problem. Moreover, you should also ensure that your home is a comfortable and open space.
  • Let your child know that it's not their fault: Bullies keep blaming their subjects and making them feel miserable. As a parent, it is your duty to assure them that it isn't their fault at all. Additionally, you may also insult the bully a little bit so that your kid feels better.
  • Notify the school: If the bully is from the school, it is always better to involve the management as well. They are better equipped to deal with such situations. The principal, as well as the teachers, must know what is going on in their institution. It is also their duty to fix the whole scandal.

Whatever you do, ensuring your child's safety is also a vital thing. This Christmas, install Avosmart on all the devices and uplift digital security. Not only would it help in the short run, but also make your children more aware of the dangers of cybercrime.

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