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How to Block a Website: The Ultimate Guide to Protect Your Digital Space

Blocking a website has never been more relevant than it is today. With the proliferation of online distractions, inappropriate content, and security threats, safeguarding your digital space has become imperative. In this guide, we will take you through a detailed walk-through on multiple methods of website blocking to create a safer, more focused digital environment.

Methods for Blocking Websites

Manual Methods

Host File Modification

Host file modification is a rudimentary but effective way to block websites. It involves tweaking the operating system's host file to prevent certain URLs from being accessed.

Steps for Windows:

  • Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  • Open hosts file with Notepad as an Administrator
  • Add at the end
  • Save and restart your computer

Steps for MacOS:

  • Open Terminal
  • Type sudo nano /etc/hosts and press Enter
  • Add at the end
  • Press CTRL + X to save and Enter to exit

Best Parental Control Software: Avosmart

When it comes to parental control software, Avosmart stands out as the best application for filtering websites. Its highly intuitive interface makes it easy for parents to limit the time their children spend on specific websites and apps. Moreover, it's equipped with a unique algorithm that assesses whether a website should be accessible to children or blocked, providing an extra layer of assurance for concerned parents.

Additional Features of Avosmart

  • Time Limit Settings: Avosmart allows parents to set daily time limits for specific apps and websites. This aids in managing screen time effectively.
  • Advanced Algorithm: The built-in algorithm intelligently categorizes websites, helping parents make informed decisions on what their children can access online.
  • Remote Monitoring: Avosmart doesn't require parents to have access to their child's social media account to enable monitoring. It offers a comprehensive review of online activities to ensure emotional safety in the digital world.
  • Scheduling: Parents can establish timeframes during which specific apps or websites can be accessed, combining time limits with a schedule. For instance, setting a limit of 2 hours per day but only between 4 PM and 8 PM.
  • Night Mode: Avosmart also offers a feature to block device usage during nighttime hours, ensuring that sleep isn't disrupted by screen time.
Given its robust capabilities and user-friendly features, Avosmart is your go-to solution for a safer and more controlled digital environment for your children. With the addition of Avosmart to your arsenal of parental control solutions, you can confidently steer the digital ship, ensuring safe online experiences for your entire family.

Browser Extensions

Popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox offer extensions to block websites. Some reputable ones include StayFocusd, Block Site, and LeechBlock.


  • Go to the browser's extension store
  • Search for website blocker
  • Install and configure as needed

Blocking Websites on Windows

Windows offers native solutions like Content Advisor and Windows Firewall to block websites. These methods provide a quick and secure way to protect your digital space. how to block bad websites

Content Advisor

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Navigate to Settings -> Internet Options -> Content
  • Enable Content Advisor and configure settings

Windows Firewall

  • Open Control Panel
  • Navigate to System and Security -> Windows Defender Firewall -> Advanced Settings
  • Configure rules for blocking specific URLs

Blocking Websites on MacOS

MacOS users can employ native features such as Parental Controls and Screen Time.

Parental Controls

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Navigate to Parental Controls
  • Choose user account and configure settings

Screen Time

  • Open System Preferences
  • Navigate to Screen Time -> Content & Privacy
  • Enable settings and specify websites to block

Blocking Websites on Mobile

Blocking websites on mobile can be done using settings in both Android and iOS.


  • Navigate to Settings -> Digital Wellbeing
  • Use Focus Mode to block distracting apps and websites


  • Go to Settings -> Screen Time -> Content & Privacy Restrictions
  • Enable the required settings to block websites

Network Level Blocking

For complete digital protection, network-level blocking is the way to go. Utilize hardware solutions like Circle Home Plus or set up a Pi-hole to block websites on all connected devices.

FAQ. How to block bad websites

How do I permanently block bad websites?

To permanently block undesirable websites, you can utilize various methods such as modifying your operating system's host files, using browser extensions, or employing parental control software like Avosmart. Parental control software typically provides the most comprehensive and permanent solution.

How do I block bad websites on Google Chrome?

In Google Chrome, you can block websites through browser extensions like Block Site or StayFocusd. These extensions are available in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Open Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store.
  • Search for the blocking extension you prefer.
  • Click "Add to Chrome" and follow the setup prompts.
  • Add the list of websites you wish to block.
Alternatively, you can use parental control software such as Avosmart, which offers advanced features like time limits and a unique algorithm that assesses website appropriateness for children.

How do I block bad websites for free?

You can block bad websites for free by manually editing the host files in your operating system. For Windows:
  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  • Open the hosts file with Notepad as an Administrator.
  • Add at the end of the file.
  • Save and restart your computer.
For MacOS:
  • Open Terminal.
  • Type sudo nano /etc/hosts and press Enter.
  • Add at the end.
  • Press CTRL + X to save and Enter to exit.
Other free methods include browser extensions and leveraging built-in features in Windows and MacOS.

How do I block good websites?

The term "good" is subjective, but if you find a website distracting or want to block it for any reason, the methods remain the same as blocking "bad" websites. Whether using manual methods, browser extensions, or parental control software like Avosmart, you can specify which websites to block or allow based on your individual requirements. Remember, the aim is to create a safer, more focused digital environment, and these frequently asked questions are stepping stones to achieving that goal.

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