How to Set Up Parental Control on Different Devices

How to Set Up Parental Control on Different Devices

Understanding the Importance of Parental Control

In today's digital media age, it is vital to ensure your children are using the Internet safely. Parental controls can offer peace of mind, providing appropriate filters and restrictions for different types of content. This guide will help you navigate through setting up parental controls on various devices.

Setting Up Parental Control on Computers and Laptops

Windows Computers

Windows 10 provides built-in parental controls that allow you to manage screen time, filter content, and track browsing history. To enable these, navigate to "Settings," then "Family & other people," and follow the prompts to add a child account or install Avosmart for Windows version.

Mac Computers

On a Mac, you can set up parental controls through the "System Preferences" and then "Parental Controls". This allows you to create a dedicated account for your child with customized settings and restrictions.

Configuring Parental Control on Smartphones and Tablets

Android Devices

On Android devices, you can set up parental controls through the "Google Play Store". By going to "Settings," then "Avosmart Parental Controls," you can regulate the type of content that can be downloaded or purchased.

iOS Devices

For iOS devices, Apple provides a feature called "Screen Time" that can be accessed through "Settings". This feature allows you to monitor usage, schedule downtime, and set limits for specific apps.

Implementing Parental Control on Gaming Consoles


On a PlayStation, you can use the "Parental Control/Family Management" settings to restrict playtime, set spending limits, and control access to games based on age ratings.


On an Xbox console, the "Xbox Family Settings" allows parents to manage screen time, social features, spending, and content access.


On Nintendo consoles, you can use the "Nintendo Switch Parental Controls" app to set play-time limits and restrict game access based on age ratings.

Enabling Parental Control on Smart TVs and Streaming Devices

Smart TVs

Most Smart TVs offer parental controls that can be accessed through the device's "Settings". This allows you to block specific channels or set viewing restrictions based on TV ratings.

Streaming Devices

Popular streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV all offer options for parental controls in their "Settings" section.

Managing Parental Control on Internet Service

Providers (ISPs)

Many ISPs provide options for parental control. This can range from filtering web content to controlling access during certain times. Check your ISP's website or contact their customer service for specific instructions.

Avosmart: A Comprehensive Parental Control Solution

While each of these platforms offers some level of parental control, managing all of them separately can be overwhelming. That's where Avosmart comes into play. It's one of the world's leading parental control platforms, providing an all-in-one solution for your various devices.

Avosmart Features and Benefits

With Avosmart, you can control time spent on games and websites, set daily limits, and monitor your child's social media activity. What sets Avosmart apart is its ability to monitor without needing access to your child's social media account. It also allows you to set specific schedules, for example, limiting access to 2 hours per day between 4 and 8 pm. Furthermore, Avosmart enables you to respond to online emotional violence by giving you insight into who your children are talking to and what about. Setting up parental controls on different devices is a key aspect of modern parenting. While each device has its settings, having a unified control platform like Avosmart can simplify the process and provide comprehensive coverage. Stay engaged with your child's online activity, promote healthy digital habits, and ensure their safety in the digital world. Parental control is a term for the digital features and tools that allow parents to set limits on their child's online activities.

FAQs How to Set Up Parental Control on Different Devices

What is the purpose of parental controls? 

Parental controls are designed to protect children from inappropriate online content, limit excessive screen time, and monitor their digital activity.

How do parental controls work on gaming consoles? 

Gaming consoles allow parents to set playtime limits, and spending limits, and restrict access to games based on age ratings.

What does Avosmart offer that other platforms do not? 

Avosmart offers the unique ability to monitor your child's social media activity without needing access to their accounts. It also provides flexible scheduling for device use.

Are parental controls 100% foolproof? 

While parental controls are an effective tool, they should be used in conjunction with regular conversations about online safety and appropriate internet behavior.

Can Avosmart be used on multiple devices? 

Yes, Avosmart can be used across various devices, making it an all-in-one parental control solution.