Parental Control for Fortnite. Best 5 tips.

Parental Control for Fortnite

For the past couple of years, there has been an incline in the number of children playing Fortnite, an online battle royale game. It starts with all players on a plane. The playing zone reduces with time, and there are around 100 players in the game. They have to fight and kill each other, and the last person alive wins the game. Fortnite is extremely popular among children nowadays, and it's getting the parents a little worried.

Fortnite has a PEGI rating of 12+, which means that it is suitable for children above 12 years of age. However, the PEGI rating doesn't consider the entire picture. Players may be exposed to offensive language on the in-game chat. It is truly something that is worrying for every parent out there. Moreover, the game's very addictive nature and how everyone is attracted to it instantly is something that parents don't find encouraging.

Fortnite is indeed an over-engaging game such that all kids want to do play it. Even when they are not playing, Fortnite is all they want to talk about it. There are so many instances where children are playing Fortnite for hours with headphones on. Such is the nature of the game. If these acts continue, things aren't looking good from a health point of view. Earlier, children used to gather outside and play outdoor sports regularly. Nowadays, all they seem to do is stare at a monitor for hours and curse their enemies. Parents do have a big reason to worry about this gaming addiction.

Reasons why Fortnite is so popular

To control your child's gaming hours, you need to know why it's so popular among children. Additionally, one has to know some critical aspects of the product to understand its popularity. Here are some reasons behind it:

  • Belonging: Kids naturally need to belong and be part of a group. Since playing Fortnite achieves this very requirement, kids are playing it obsessively. Thus, they can be part of a group and take part in such gaming conversations.
  • It's addictive: Well, it is pretty obvious, but you cannot deny it. Fortnite is quite addictive, and not just among children but many adults too.
  • It's free: Fortnite is available for free for all platforms like PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Thus, everybody has taken an interest in it. Moreover, it offers so many features despite being free. Hence, people keep downloading it day by day.
  • All the cool kids are playing: Children have this weird habit of doing something the cool kid would do. And since Fortnite is being played by all the cool kids out there, your child also wants to.
  • Adrenaline rush: As is valid with any other game in the industry, Fortnite gives children a rush of emotions. That is something kids look forward to it, especially boys. Thus, the increase in players is evident.
Parental Control for Fortnite

How can parental control be brought into Fortnite?

Parents all around the world must be wondering how to control their children from playing this addictive game. Some have even tried to apply methods to prevent them from playing. However, many face side effects and cause quarrels among the family. If they aren't allowed to do so, they start revolting. Thus, it has become a severe concern for parents. All they want to do is guide their children to productivity. Hence, we would like to suggest some simple and effective control measures for the same.

  • Parents should educate their kids about screen time and the health effects of staring at a monitor for a long. However, they shouldn't ban it altogether.
  • There should be a fine balance between recreation and productivity. If a child studies for 2 hours, he can then go ahead and play Fortnite for an hour.
  • Parents could have family time once every day to talk to their children and motivate them to do better in other things.
  • Dads could play a significant role by motivating kids to play outdoor sports. So, if you want to control your child's gaming hours, go out with them and maybe play a game of catch? Or get them to go for a relaxing evening jog. Not only would this reduce their screen time, but it will also strengthen the bond.
  • Place boundaries on the general use of technology for everyone in the house. This way, you get to control the use of technology in the household. Moreover, your child also doesn't feel left out or think that he's the only person who has boundaries. Hence, it's a good rule to have.

However, you can block Fortnite and even put a time limit on the game with Avosmart.

What are the functions of Avosmart?

  • ControlWith the help of Avosmart, you can filter and control sites and even set a time limit on anything that comes in the middle of your children's work.
  • CheckYou can get easy access to your child's present and past location with Avosmart.

There is also a safe search mode for platforms like Google and YouTube. It checks the content of a site and blocks it if the site is not suitable for children.

You need not worry anymore because you can now be entirely sure that your kids are only visiting safe sites for children. Parents can block a particular channel or a video if they find that it is not appropriate.

Installing Avosmart is easy, and it is one of the best ways to keep track of your children's online activities. Moving on, here are five things that keep children glues to apps.