Parental control Roblox. 5 tips and best practice. A Brief Parental Guide to Roblox

how to parental control roblox

Gaming trends may come and go, but one game has reserved its spot for many years. Roblox is among the most popular games for children, and it has been there for a long time. But, the main question that concerns parents is if it is safe or not? Let's dig deeper into it.

There is a lot of confusion regarding Roblox. It is not a single game. Furthermore, it is the largest user-generated gaming platform, as branded by Roblox itself. It is so popular that Roblox itself came up with a parental guide. It addresses all the questions, concerns, and privacy issues. Here is what parents need to know while their children are on Roblox.

Safety. Parental control Roblox

On Roblox, children can meet new people. They can connect with other players. It is something that raises safety concerns for parents. According to the Roblox parental guide, there are chances of these meetings converting into playdates. However, parents can supervise these things by using privacy features.

The guide isn't with or against players playing with unknown people because it is more of a parental call. It is also because some parents are okay with their children gaming with unknown people, while some aren't.

So, whatever they think, parents should be clear with their rules. They should make sure that their kids know what the rules are regarding online interaction with strangers. If you want your child to not mix up with unknown people and only game with friends, you can use the privacy settings. You also have to ensure that children respect the boundaries.

You can reward them using positive reinforcement methods. Similarly, you can also set consequences for crossing the boundary. These things will help a lot to keep your children safe on the Internet.

Parental control Roblox

Which games should your child be playing?

Roblox has around 15 million games on the platform. So, there are numerous choices for children. It is also why many people prefer playing on Roblox. However, the Roblox parental guide suggests parents join in and enjoy playing with their children. This way, they can supervise, let them play, and even have a bit of fun for themselves.

You will also understand the gaming platform better and closer; most kids these days are more tech-savvy than their parents; therefore, we advise you to stay up to date with the trends and games.

Block and report offensive trolls

There are many trolls and bullies you can encounter online. It might be a tough time for your children if they become a victim of trolling and cyberbullying. Thus, you should not only block but also report trolls and bullies. Parents have to fill a form on Roblox that describes an issue to report an issue.

How much should children play?

Every parent has different views, rules, and preferences with the gaming hours of their children. Maybe there is no limit, or very strict limits, or moderate limits with extensions during periods like their summer vacations. All in all, parenting differs, and it is unique for each one. However, there are medical guidelines regarding screen time that will help if you follow it.

Kids above the age of 6 need to be put under constant limits for using any type of media or device. Furthermore, parents need to make sure that it does not affect their sleep, physical activities, and all behavior that is critical for their health. Time spent doing digital activities can easily become very high for the kids who have a smartphone for themselves. Phone addiction is one of the significant problems among children. Parents should be aware of the time kids are spending on phones.

Some other tricks

There are many small things to keep in mind with Roblox and similar gaming platforms. No matter which accounts, you as parents need to ensure that the password is strong enough. Furthermore, it should be private, and your child should not share it with friends.

Children should not also share their personal data online with strangers. As parents, you should teach children to be kind to the people they meet online. Just like being a cyberbullying victim can take a toll on them, you should let them know its impact on someone if they bully them. Children should report such activities if they notice them and not bully other people.

However, one way you can put a time limit on Roblox is by using Avosmart.

Functions of Avosmart?

Avosmart lets you do a wide variety of things, and they are as follows:

  • Control: You can filter sites and set a limit on games and things that come in between your children's work.
  • Manage: You can manage the settings and get easy access to your children's activities games.
  • Check: You can access your child's present and past location.

Many extra Avosmart features come in handy, like a safe search mode for Google and YouTube. It also checks the content of a site and blocks it if it is not suitable for kids.

You can filter sites that have violent, pornographic, or other adult content. You will be notified when your child tries visiting a blocked website. Parents can keep a watch on the YouTube activities of kids. They can block a YouTube channel or a YouTube video if they find it unsuitable for kids.