Read this before sharing your kids' pictures on the Internet

Read this before sharing your kids' pictures on the Internet

All parents have embarrassing and cute photos of their kids, and we love to cherish those memories. Earlier, these pictures would be in albums. Now, you can put it online and show it to the entire world. But, it is essential to consider these things before you share your kids' photos on the Internet.

Online privacy. Before sharing your kids' pictures on the Internet

There are two things about it. Firstly, digital footprints are permanent. We go on building it from our very first post to our very last post on the Internet. Secondly, it carries a social and psychological effect. Social media platforms like Facebook weren't in the picture until 2006. It means that the first generation, which is unaware of a world without social media, is just in the middle school age.

Also, there is no assurance that Facebook is going to stay forever. Because platforms like MySpace are nowhere to be seen now. Therefore, you should consider how social media can have a negative impact on us in the future, irrespective of the intensity. Hence, it will be best if you consider the long-term effect of anything you post on social media and what data it puts out.

Read this before sharing your kids' pictures on the Internet

Set yourself as an example

Children always notice what their parents are doing. Be it how they post or how they use location apps. As a parent, you need to your kids about what you share on social media, why you share it, and how you are taking the appropriate measures to stay away from the potential risks of it.

Furthermore, it will be best if you make them understand that the lunch is never for free. Nobody offers entirely free digital services. They will always get something in return. Most of the time, they are collecting valuable data from you. Also, privacy settings will hide what they post from people, but many organizations still have full access to it.

Once they realize that you are utilizing the media in the perfect sense, they will learn from you. Then you should tell them about what is good to share and what they shouldn't share. Always remember that clear communication is critical.

Think about the big picture

Until your children are old enough to sign up for their social media accounts legally, you have significant control over how you want others to see them online. So, start by asking yourself these things before you post anything on the Internet about them.

  1. Would you like it if your parents shared something like that about you when you were of that age?
  2. How will non-family members interpret these images?
  3. Is this information, irrespective of its innocence, something that is really essential to share?
  4. Is it something that other people must know?

Not only should you think about these things when it comes to social media, but you should also think in a similar manner about their phones, toys, tracking devices, and such tools. It will help if you look closely at the direction of the data. You need to know the conditions you agree to for putting up a post.

Have a thoughtful approach

As our children get older, the best thing to do would be to teach them to think ahead of their time. It will be best if you show them where to find the privacy settings and how to use them properly. They need to know its functions and configurations. It will be best if you also teach them about what and what not to discuss with random people they come across on the Internet.

Installing parental control tools like Avosmart will always be of great benefit to both parties. It will be of great help if you also let them know why you trust parental control tools. They should know that the more tools there are, the safer they will be on the Internet.


Installing a parental control tool like Avosmart comes/blog with a lot of benefits. You can block apps and websites that seem to be unsuitable for your children. Furthermore, you can set time limits on apps and games to ensure that your children don't spend much time on the phone. Avosmart will also give you complete details of your kid's social media activities.

You will also be getting helpful insights and reports of their activities. Installing Avosmart is relatively easy. You only need to sign up and install it on their phone. After that, it does the magic and keeps your child completely safe on the Internet. All in all, using a tool like Avosmart is essential because it will keep the parents informed and the children secure.