Top Parents Guide to TikTok

Top Parents Guide to TikTok

Falling behind your kids or tracking every single of their social media activities can be a difficult task. Furthermore, understanding new apps become more challenging for parents. One such app is TikTok.

You can make music videos and videos of similar sorts on TikTok. You can select the music, shoot the video on your device, and use the app's editing tools to polish your video, but there is a time limit on these videos: it can't exceed fifteen seconds. Other people can react to these videos or collaborate by shooting a duet video: two videos on one screen.

Nowadays, TikTok is a lot more than just shooting videos. For instance, many people have become famous by uploading their videos on TikTok. As the app is evolving, it is becoming more like something bridging the gap between YouTube and Instagram.

Safety Measures of TikTok. Top Parents Guide to TikTok

As with any social media platform, it is a significant concern that who is viewing your content. Thus, you should discuss and educate your kids about safety concerns. A good thing you can do here is to ask them to keep their account private.

Top Parents Guide to TikTok

What are the other things parents can do to keep their kids safe on TikTok?

The foremost thing to do with any social media app is to encourage a healthy relationship with it. If you look at it one way, the app is creative, but it can also trap you in an endless cycle of scrolling through things. And it will bite a huge chunk out of the time you have.

So, it will be suitable if you consider setting limits on screen time and TikTok. In such cases, a parental control app can be your best friend. It would help if you also put some ground rules like the following:

  1. Kids should only use TikTok when they have free time. They should avoid using it when they have homework or any other chore. If you need to, you can even make a TikTok account for yourself to keep a watch.
  2. The most crucial thing for parents to do here is to communicate with their kids and make sure that kids know what the rules are and why they are there. Because if you set a rule and make them explain the reason behind it, they are more likely to understand and follow it. Whereas if you just set a rule and don't let them know why you have set it, they are more likely to let it pass.

Do you want to keep a watch on your children's' social media activities, including TikTok? You can make all of it happen by using Avosmart. Here is a little something about Avosmart.


Avosmart can help parents block apps like TikTok if you think things are getting slightly out of hand. If not, Avosmart can help you put a daily time limit on apps to keep things in control. Avosmart is one of the best parental control software that allows you to keep many things under the radar.

You can download Avosmart on your child's phone to keep track. The setup is relatively easy and automatic. It has a parental control dashboard that you can access from a browser to keep a check on your kid's activities in real-time. So, the following are some of the main features of Avosmart that is of great benefit to users:

  1. Time limits: You can set time limits on websites, games, and apps. It will help establish a schedule for your children.
  2. Filtering: With the help of Avosmart, you can filter and block all sexual content on browsers. Not only sexual content, but you can filter the content accordingly that you find inappropriate.
  3. Monitoring: You can also see what your kid is watching on YouTube or similar platforms. If you find something to be inappropriate, you can block that particular video or channel.
  4. Family Locator: It is among the top features of Avosmart. You can find where your child or any other family member is with this feature.

Other than all of this, you will get reports that you can review, a dashboard, and you can even view your kid's social media activities.

What are the dangers of TikTok?

Apart from the creativity of TikTok, there are a lot of dangerous videos on TikTok that can compel children into doing things that they should not. For instance, there are videos in which people are doing insane stunts like jumping from a bridge. Now the people who do it might have professional training or at least do it under guidance.

But that is not mentioned over there. Such things can have a very adverse effect on children, and it is a reason why you should stay aware. Children are naive, and they consider all of it as a way to become famous. Thus, they try performing these tremendously high levels of dangerous activities.

Other dangers include:

  1. Extra permissions: When you download TikTok, and if you want to use it entirely, you have to give the app access to many things. For instance, the contacts, the microphone, your location, etc.
  2. Data: Data mining, storing, and selling is a common danger in this scenario. It is also the concern of many users because they are clueless about where their data is stored.
  3. National Security:  There is always a fear of spyware, hacking, location tracking, etc. Apart from that, the TikTok company leaked evidence asking the moderators to censor the content that doesn't favor or is insensitive towards China's government or fellow investors.