How put parental control on YouTube?


Youtube is a worldwide ocean of video content. It is considered as a safe and reputed platform regarding auto content filtering and other content management policies of YouTube.

It has an automatic system that identifies age-restricted videos and prohibits them from children. YouTube also provides the option of content monitoring for parents. This all gives it a good boy image and parents don't often worry when their kid is using YouTube.

YouTube is also not safe for your kids

But here is an alarming call for parents, that YouTube is also not safe for your kids. The Reason is, terms, policies, and firewall used by YouTube can be breached very easily by only creating a fake email id which shows the wrong age. Once your kids pass that barrier, they get exposed to a sea of content that can impact his thought process and behavior. Yes, it's true that YouTube doesn't contain any pornographic stuff, but videos indicating and exciting toward sex can be equally fatal in growing age. Especially sexual abuse which is considered very cool, if a child gets exposed to it he will never learn to respect women and elders. And if your child is searching for all this, it's not his mistake.

youtube parental control tablet

These curiosities are resonating with his age. The only way is to save him by controlling his exposure. Now if you think, my kid gets exposure to a similar world outside then what will happen by controlling YouTube exposure. Then you are wrong because you can guide what's wrong and right about the outside world because he listens to you. But once your child gets exposure to unwanted web content through youtube, then he gets to listen to many other interpretations about life and what if! He gets convinced and impressed by one of those interpretations. In an instant, it will impact his psyche but actions in the long term.

Even though your kid is not watching age-restricted content on youtube and watching cartoons that are available for kids. Still, studies have shown it's not good because on the name of the kid-oriented platform many are serving content that agitates violence and sexual feeling in kids. But the fact is, youtube is a sea of content and many free videos can benefit your children, so it's not a good solution to completely prohibit kids from watching youtube.

Rather it's better to serve him controlled content for a fixed time. Deflecting a kid's affection from technology is very essential. We have to teach them how to use technology, instead of getting used to technology.

Big tech giants like Bill Gates and Steeve Jobs have also understood it very well and applied it to your children. At that time parents had to keep an eye on kids, but now technology has brought control in the palm.

How put parental control on YouTube?

Avosmart Parental Control software enables you to track and control your kids' activity on YouTube, and the good thing about software is—it's invincible. Using the Avosmart parental control application you can watch what your kid is watching in the browser or on youtube.

Along with that, you can restrict the kind of channels and videos which you don't want your kid to see. It provides you a feature of controlled youtube search. Along with that, you can set certain screen time for each day for your kid and in most, you can even completely block youtube from your kids' device.

In this era of technology Avosmart, parental control software is a must-have application for every parent. Because now you can't prohibit kids from using technology, neither you should. But at the same time, it's also your responsibility to save your kid from negatives of technology and guide him toward the positive and righteous part. And that can be only done by setting controlled exposure of technology.