5 things that keep children hooked on apps

5 things that keep kids hooked on apps

In the early days, B.F. Skinner, a psychologist, created an operant conditioning chamber, which is widely known as the skinner box. A rat is in the box, and it will get a food pellet if it hits a lever. Thus, all it tries to do is work it. We are smarter than rats, but social media and apps try to do the same things. Eventually, kids glue themselves to it. However, one way you can keep the addiction away from the kids is by using Avosmart.

What are the functions of Avosmart?

Avosmart is the best when it comes to parental control, and it lets you do a wide variety of things, out of which a few of the main are:

  • ControlWith the help of Avosmart, you can filter sites and set a time limit on gaming apps and anything that comes in the middle of your children's work.
  • ManageYou can also manage the settings and get the reports of your children's activities from anywhere.
  • CheckYou can get easy access to your child's present and past location with Avosmart.

Although these are the three key things, many extra features come in handy. For instance, there is a safe search mode for platforms like Google and YouTube. Avosmart checks the content of a site and blocks it if the site is not suitable for children.

With this feature's help, you can easily filter sites that have violent, pornographic, or similar adult content. You need not worry anymore because you can now be entirely sure that your kids are only visiting safe sites for children. Not only that, but you will be notified when your child tries visiting a blocked website. Additionally, parents can monitor the YouTube activities of their children. They can block a particular channel or a video if they find that it is not appropriate. You can similarly block games and set time limits. The installation process of Avosmart is also simple.

  • Register to sign up and create a free account
  • Install it on your children's smartphone
  • Once the app begin functioning on the phone, you will gain access

Installing Avosmart is easy, and it is one of the best ways to keep track of your children's online activities. Moving on, here are five things that keep children glues to apps.

Keep children hooked on apps

5 things that keep children hooked on apps

Push Notifications

It is one of the ideal ways for apps to gain the attention of its users. You will still see the notifications even if you mute the phone or disable the vibrations. The user starts to check their phone when they see it light up because of the notification. However, you can control notifications by turning them off for once. You can turn it off for the apps that are not important. Furthermore, you can avoid seeing the notifications by putting your phone down with the screen facing the floor.


Tagging is excellent because it provides information about a person in a photo. For instance, if you have posted a photo with a friend and your social media followers do not know who the friend is, they will know who the friend is if you have tagged them. It will directly lead them to the profile of that person.

But, people can also use tagging for immoral purposes. The way tagging can lead someone to a profile can also lead someone to irrelevant posts that can keep a person longer on social media, but the posts can also be disturbing. One way to avoid such things is to be cautious of what you are doing and avoid such platforms.


We all know that likes are quite distracting. When we post a photo, we all like to check the number of likes we get. All in all, it also activates our brain's reward system. With time, social media platforms like Facebook are considering hiding the total number of likes. The best way to curb the temptation is to stay away from or reducing the use of social media.


Many apps use these processes to increase the interaction of them. For instance, an app might ask the user many questions you have to answer by swiping or tapping. Not only dating apps, but many general apps try gamification. The best way to not indulge in such things is by not downloading such apps. Also, you must make sure that your children are only playing child-friendly games.

Apps linking to other apps

Many apps require you to sign up or verify your identity using your social media handles. You might be knowing this if you have tried to delete apps like Facebook because it is harder than it looks. Many apps require you to share the data or account on a platform (usually Facebook) to register on their apps successfully. These methods keep you from uninstalling a particular app. But, it is possible to lower the tempting feeling to use such apps.

For instance, you can delete the app icon. If you do so, you would have to go to the settings to open the app every time you want to open it. The app will also be out of sight. So, these were the five things that keep children glued to apps.

However, parents must understand the techniques app creators use to increase the temptation. Then, they must educate their children about it. Using a tool like Avosmart will always be beneficial, and it will surely keep the addiction way under control.