When my child is addicted to games?

When my child is addicted to games

Does it worry you that your kid is spending unhealthy hours on the smartphone playing games? When my child is addicted to games? If you are worried that your child is getting addicted to games, you aren't the only parent. Around 47% of 1000 parents feel that their child is addicted to their phone and gaming.

Children's addiction to smartphones and gaming is a matter of concern for parents. Mobile games are so enticing that it makes it very difficult for children to drop it and do something else once they start playing. What can parents do in such cases? One way to keep your child's game addiction at bay is by using Avosmart.

What does Avosmart do, and why should you consider using Avosmart?

Avosmart is one of the leading parental control software and one of the best ways to keep your kids away from all sorts of tech-related addiction. It acts as an all-in-one parental protection platform for all Android, Windows, and iOS devices. With Avosmart, parents can limit the amount of time their children spend on various apps, and they can even block addictive or dangerous games and apps. Here are some additional features that Avosmart offers:

So, let's take a look at some signs of gaming addiction in your children.

my child is addicted to games

Symptoms of Game Addiction in Children. When my child is addicted to games?

Sleep Problems

It is one of the most common signs of gaming addiction in children. Their sleep quality may degrade; they may take longer to fall asleep or even have insomnia. It happens when they stay up late playing games, compromising on sleep. Sleep is a highly essential thing for children who are in the growing age.

Compulsive Behavior

Teens who are addicted to games and their phones develop a habit of checking their phones now and then even if nothing is important. They panic and become anxious if you have their phone or even if their phone turns off for a while.

Showing signs of anxiety and depression

According to a study, teenagers who prefer virtual contact over real communication have more depression and become socially anxious. It doesn't stop here. We all know the impact depression can have on a teenager's life. It goes on to complicate the relationships with their family and affect it negatively.

Why do kids become smartphone and gaming addicts?

They obtain pleasure from it.

Kids keep playing games for long hours because they are that addictive. Games have a reward system, and players can achieve a lot from it when they reach a certain level. Children get the will to keep playing until they reach a level from here. And there are numerous achievements, which is why it never ends, and the addiction only keeps on increasing.


Phones and games give us a chance to become a part of a more significant community. There are various competitive gaming groups and communities in which children can join. They get recognition from these groups, and the bond keeps on strengthening when they comment, give likes, and play together. It is not wrong, but addiction to it is not healthy.

It serves as an escape from reality.

Gaming offers a highly immersive experience to the people playing it. It takes them away from the real world and puts them into a virtual world where they get to experience things that they can't in reality. Not only that, but it also makes them forget about the real-life, their stress, and problems for a while.

How to keep your children safe from gaming addiction?

Set boundaries

Setting clear boundaries will be of great help to set your kids free from gaming addiction. As a parent, you should make kids understand that they have other things that are much more important now. They can always play after completing their work, maybe a little more as a reward if they finish their tasks efficiently. It will introduce a healthy habit and help them keep their focus on other things. It would be best to let them know the cons of addiction and why they should keep it under the limits.

Bring up total breaks from technology as a family

It is an excellent step to building a healthy atmosphere in the family. There should be a day or two where everyone should stay away from electronic screens. It will give everybody enough time to bond with each other, improve their relationships, and do so many things as a family.

Set no-phone zones in the house

It will introduce a sense of mannerism and respect, and it is an extended way of setting boundaries. Parents can set no-phone zones in the house. A place where nobody should use phones. So, here are some examples you can use as a parent:

  • Nobody should use phones on the dining table while having food
  • No phones in the kitchen
  • Nobody should use phones at night in the bedroom
  • Nobody should take their phones in the bathroom with themselves

So, all these methods would be of great help to you. Not only will they build a healthy environment around your children, but they will keep them engaged with different things and keep them away from being addicted to phones and gaming. But, parents should also remember that communication and education are essential. Furthermore, educating children about the harmful impacts of mobile phone addiction is a great way. Because if done right, kids won't go that way in the first place.