How to Monitor Screen Time to align & Organized Activities of Children?


Giving children their own or personal cell phones, tabs, computers, and any other digital gadget has become unfortunately the sign of symbol. More than half of the children around the world use cellphones. Consequently, the average time that is spent by children on the screens is about 2.25 hours a day. Many types of research have been conducted in the past in which it was deeply examined that how much time is spent by children to use digital gadgets such as laptops, computers, tabs, and other gadgets that have a screens interface. But the problem occurs when parents do not have enough time to watch and monitor the activities of their children. So, we offer the Avosmart application that helps you to monitor the activities of your children. The myriad of issues has been sprouted because of spending too much time on screens by children. Most important are below

  • Social Distancing
  • Undesired behavioral Changes
  • Wastage of time
  • Weakening Eye-sight
  • Decreasing creativity
  • Overall negative effects on health
  • Irritation
  • Deviation from unhealthy activities

Screen time for kids

Social Distancing Children remain busy in using different types of digital gadgets. They do not talk about using computers, tablets, and cellphones. They become irritated when they are called. Thus, this aspect leads to social distancing. Eventually, they distance themselves from other people even from their house or family members. That is a very dangerous thing because they have to attain the stage of maturity by learning from society and societal groups. But when they do not give proper time to other human beings, it badly affects their learning process. Thus, parents must be careful about this aspect that can spoil the learning of their children by making them unaware of the social realities. “There is also some evidence that children who watch a lot of television during the early elementary school years perform less well on reading tests and may show deficits in attention.” — Dr. Jennifer Cross

screen time for kids

Undesired and Unnatural Behavioral Changes

Behavioral changes also occur which are in fact undesired in the personalities of children because of excessive usage of digital things and remaining engaged with screens. They become irritated and angry about small things. Their personality becomes aggressive. Their life traps in an acrimonious phase that is a very alarming situation because this sort of personality will make children imperfect for society. That is the reason; there is a dire need of the time to keep stern check and balance on the time that is given by your children to screens or digital things. Always use the Avosmart application for Screen time adjustment for keeping a comprehensive check and balance on the activities of children. According to Dr. Jennifer F. Cross, “We’re not sure what this data means yet, but what we can hypothesize is that screens could inhibit certain aspects of a child’s development by narrowing their focus of interest and limiting their other means of exploration and learning. Health Risks

Health risks are also posed by the excessive usage of digital things. There are a number of issues which are caused by the screens which are used by children. Physical and eye-sight issues are posed usually. The light of screens is too dangerous for the eyes of children. The most dangerous thing is that children use screens by bringing the device closer to their eyes that directly affect their eyes. Always use the most reliable Screen time app.

Effecting Creative Levels of Children

Creativity is a natural thing in children. It is inborn that develops with the passage of time by polishing the skills of children by parents, society, and educational institutions. But that is the reality that creativity gets polished when your mind is free and not busy in the extensive work. Mental relaxation and peace of mind are the most important thing which needs to enhance the creativity level of a person or child. Children also need free time to contemplate and relax the mind. But unfortunately, they remain busy in their digital gadgets by listening and watching the things which clinch their mental dynamics in which they cannot relax their neurons. Just imagine how much that is disgusting that children remain busy in their studies from day to night but when they get free time they abruptly go to use their cellphones, computers, laptops and other digital things. Meanwhile, they do not have time for extracurricular activities which are healthier for their brains and physique. Thus, the creativity level of children comes down with the passage of time. Dr. Jennifer F. Cross further enunciates that “if young children spend most of their time engaging with an iPad, smartphone, or the television, all of which are highly entertaining, it can be hard to get them engaged in non-electronic activities, such as playing with toys to foster imagination and creativity, exploring outdoors, and playing with other children to develop appropriate social skills. Interacting almost exclusively with screens would be like working out only your arm muscles and nothing else. You would have really strong arm muscles but at the expense of overall fitness.”

Compromising on Physical Activities

Physical activities are important for children to make their body and mind sound. According to doctors, children have to spend approximately one or two hours in physical activities to lead a healthier life. But the extensive usage of screens and much involvement of digital media in the life of children have spoiled their living patterns. They are no more interested in any physical playing activities. The activities of children must be watched in comprehensive manners. They should always look after their screens and browsing history to make sure the right usage of digital gadgets. Monitoring screen time for kids can prove helpful to align their timetable. You must be damn sure about the efficacy of the Screen time android that will surely help you to align the timing that you desire and expect from your children to give to their screens. The app will prove fruitful to improve the activities of your children in more constructive ways.