How to Protect Your Children from Cyberbullying?

How to Protect Your Children from Cyberbullying?
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As of today, cyberbullying is not what it was ten years ago. Since the onset of the IoT, cyberbullying has increased to a significant scale. The fact is that cyberbullying hurts just as much as bullying, and it is more common than other risks that are open to children who are using the Internet.

According to a study, 37% of teens are victims of cyberbullying. And it doesn’t end here, because 30% of them have been the victims more than once. Parents need to beware and make sure that their children don’t fall in such dark places. Here is where Avosmart comes into play.

What is Avosmart, and how is Avosmart helpful?

Avosmart is one of the best parental control software you can use to filter online content for your children and track their online activities. It is straightforward to use, even if you are not tech-savvy. It does a great job of protecting kids online.
Parents can check their online activity on any device, be it Windows, Android, or even iOS. There are many features it comes bearing, and the following are a few of them:

Filtering all sexual content on all browsers
Time limits for websites, games, and apps
Block apps and websites that you don’t want your child to use
Helps you monitor their social media and YouTube activities
Let’s you track your child’s location

Now, let’s take a look at some ways by which you can protect your children from cyberbullying.

How to Protect Your Children from Cyberbullying?

Ways to protect your child from cyberbullying

1. Communicate and Educate
Children are curious beings because many things are new to them. But, you must make sure that children shouldn’t resort to the Internet for seeking answers. It is because they won’t end up finding the appropriate solutions on the Internet. Instead, there are very high chances that they will end up going to places on the Internet where they shouldn’t.

It is why you should communicate clearly with them. Kids should feel comfy enough to talk to their parents about their curiosities. Other than that, educating them about certain things is highly essential to not fall into such traps. Most parents don’t educate their children about topics like sex education because they sense an awkwardness. But it is why children resort to other sources for answers.

2. Define the boundaries
Drawing the line on technology for your children is essential to ensure that they don’t become a victim of cyberbullying or anything worse. There should be healthy restrictions and permissions when children get access to computers and mobile phones. Doing this has many benefits for children, as well as their parents.

It prevents children from getting addicted to electronic devices, which is harmful. It is time-consuming and has many dangers. Furthermore, it will also give them time to indulge in real-life activities and focus on themselves, rather than spending their time on the phone.

3. Teach them about security measures
There are many things to keep in check if you want to be safe on the Internet. As kids are new to all of it, there are various essential things they need to know. Here are a few of them.

● Never share their passwords, no matter who asks for it
● Respect others and their boundaries on the Internet
● Inform their parents right away if something happens to them on the Internet that isn’t supposed to happen

Teaching your kids to be safe will be of great help to tackle cyberbullying.

What to do during cyberbullying?

The following are some things to remember if your kids are becoming the victims of cyberbullying.

1. Notice their behavior
Kids will often isolate them or become noticeably tensed or depressed if they encounter anything like it. Cyberbullies often threaten their kids not to tell their parents, or kids themselves don’t tell their parents out of fear. If you feel that something with your children hasn’t been right, it would be best to be patient and keep looking for more.

In such situations, silently checking and stalking their phones is not advised because that will panic the children, making them isolate themselves even more. Therefore, unless things are uncontrollable, such a step is not the best idea.

2. Do not respond to the bully
If you get to know what is happening or your kid tells you about it, the first thing to do is to ask them to stop responding to the bully. Suppose they haven’t yet responded, even better. The reason is that the bully expects you to reply, and it is what they want.

They take undue advantage if your child is upset, and make it even worse. Instead, tell them to stay away from the computer for a while, focus on other things. Furthermore, it would be best to comfort them, let them know that you will handle it, and be there for them.

Final Words

Privacy is of the biggest concern when it comes to being on the Internet. A small tweaking in it can prove to be harmful to you. Cyberbullying is not something to take lightly, and you must inform the authorities if something wrong happens because it is better late than never.

Showing moral support to your kids during such times is crucial because it is the time when they need you the most. Education is equally important, and children should be well aware that there are such things on the Internet, and it is best to stay as far from it as you can. Yet, parental control products like Avosmart are a fantastic way to monitor their activities and get an alert when something like this happens.