How to Block YouTube Shorts?

How to Block YouTube Short
YouTube has always been a platform of diverse content, from detailed tutorials to quick vlogs. With the introduction of 'Shorts,' YouTube entered the realm of short-form videos, competing with platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. However, not everyone is a fan.

Introduction to YouTube Shorts

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are bite-sized videos, lasting 60 seconds or less, mainly tailored for mobile viewing. They often appear on the YouTube homepage or in a designated 'Shorts' section, especially on mobile devices.

Why Some Want to Block Shorts?

Shorts can be distracting, especially when one visits YouTube for longer, more in-depth content. For parents, it's another form of quick media consumption they might want to regulate for their kids.

Methods to Block YouTube Shorts

Can I disable Shorts on YouTube?

Currently, YouTube doesn't provide an official option to completely disable the Shorts feature. However, there are workarounds that can help limit their appearance.

Blocking Short Videos on YouTube. How to Block YouTube Shorts?

On Desktop:
  • One way to avoid seeing Shorts on your desktop is by using browser extensions that block specific elements of webpages. These can be set up to block the 'Shorts' section on YouTube's homepage.
On Mobile:
  • Unfortunately, there's no direct way to disable Shorts on the YouTube mobile app. However, by avoiding interactions (like likes, shares, or comments) with Shorts, the YouTube algorithm may prioritize them less in your feed.

How to Block YouTube Shorts on Laptop

As mentioned, browser extensions can be your best bet. These extensions allow you to select and hide elements on webpages. By blocking the Shorts shelf, you can limit their visibility on your laptop.

How to Block YouTube Shorts on iPhone

The situation is trickier on iPhones due to app store restrictions. While you can't directly block Shorts, using the website version of YouTube on Safari and utilizing content blockers might reduce their visibility.

How to Block YouTube Shorts?

Introducing Avosmart

If you're a parent concerned about your child's media consumption, there's good news! Meet Avosmart, one of the world's best parental control platforms.

Avosmart's Unique Features

Time Control & Monitoring: Avosmart empowers parents to control gaming and website time, giving insights into how long kids are on media platforms. You can set daily or hourly schedules, even combining the two for optimal parental presence. Social Media Monitoring: Worried about your child's interactions online? With Avosmart, monitor their social media activity in depth. Understand which platforms they use, whom they chat with, and about what topics. The best part? No need for direct access to their accounts. And yes, you can block any app you deem necessary. While YouTube Shorts can be a source of quick entertainment, they might not be everyone's cup of tea. Blocking or limiting them can give you a more tailored YouTube experience. And if you're looking out for your child's digital well-being, platforms like Avosmart can be invaluable allies in today's tech-driven age.

How to Block YouTube Shorts? FAQs

Is there a direct way to completely disable YouTube Shorts?

As of now, YouTube doesn't provide an official setting to disable Shorts.

Can browser extensions help in blocking Shorts on desktops?

Yes, certain browser extensions allow users to hide specific elements on webpages, including the Shorts shelf on YouTube.

How does Avosmart help in monitoring kids' online activities?

Avosmart provides detailed insights into time spent on games and websites, offers social media monitoring, and even app blocking features.

Do I need my child's social media passwords for Avosmart's monitoring?

No, Avosmart allows monitoring without direct access to the child's accounts.

Can Avosmart block YouTube Shorts specifically?

While Avosmart offers comprehensive app and website monitoring, blocking specific features within an app like YouTube Shorts would require more specific tools or methods.

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